Poem Songbird

The Songbird

Foggy skies, moist wet leaves,
Cold grounds, quiet as can be.
Not a movement, nor a sound,
Listen…I hear a noise coming down
Getting closer and closer with every pitch,
It is a song and it goes like this.

“I am your Songbird,
Singing you a song,
Providing you strength, when your not strong
Keeping you warm, when you are cold,
Giving you new songs, replacing the old.
Sending you love through every tune,
That you can close your eyes and listen too
When you need me, think of love
And down I will come,
From up above”

Foggy skies, moist wet leaves,
It is not the same once your songbird leaves
The ground is colder, and still no sound
Until your songbird comes around,
Keeping you happy, and keeping you strong.
Showing you love through the sound of a song

Author/Poet: Tyler Gilbert

Dedicated to: Those seeking comfort


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