The Youngest

I hate being the youngest child, in my family,
because my older brother gets to do everything before me.
He was the first to lose a tooth,
and find a dollar under his pillow when he awoke,
I still have all of my baby teeth,and I am completely broke.

He was the first to ride a two wheeler,
speeding down the street,
I still have his old tricycle,
with the broken wheel and crummy seat.

He was the first to tie his shoes;
it only took him one try,
I will probably be wearing Velcro,
until the day that I die.

He was the first to sleep over at a friend's house,
and stay up really late,
While I stayed home with my parents,
and had to be in bed by eight.

But sometimes I like being the youngest,
especially today,
because my brother has to go off to school,
and I get to stay home and play.

Author/Poet: Ryann Smith ©

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