'time heals or not'

I sit and wonder how time passed.
how days turned into weeks,
Weeks to months and months to years.
it all feels the same though.
like as if time stopped.
but then i realize time doesn't stop for no one.
it keeps going even if you feel like you can't
it proves to you that time can heal all.
But does that really happen.
does time heal the pain or make you feel numb to it.
so you can repress it and eventually one day forget about it.
its as if time plays a cruel game to see how long before your emotions erupt.
you lose once you remember what caused the pain to begin with
Time really is nothing more than a distraction.
it tries to hide the fact of what has occured by keeping forward.
it lures you with its tick to make you count the days since you last breathed.
time has no stopping .
it does what it can to help
but its help is unwanted.
The numbness it has caused actually comes back in pieces.
once time has moved forward enough to make u remember a date or anniversary then it all comes back full blast.
you realize that time can only do so much for you
that you need to pick up the fragments of your life.
you need to rebuild or soon there will be nothing left.
that's easier said then done.
Once you rebuild you realize it doesn't matter
you are nothing more that a skeleton.
a simple outline of what life should be.
you have no emotions.
no sense of being
and no drive to live.
Time once again steps in.
seasons pass and you start to come back to life.
the fragments of your soul come back to you and start warming the cold skeleton.
you were a house with no furniture but now the furniture is there.
but something is missing.
you know that nothing will ever be the same again
but you try anyway.
It's been two years.
you are unchanging.
the house you were has been emptied by a thief in the night
a thief you were aware was a threat
it is the heart.

© neha singh

Dedicated to: situations

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