Quotes from our visitors.
Some visitors to our site wanted to share with others the quotes that have meant something to them. We decided to accomodate them.

Why quotes from our visitors? Well, we do get a lot of visitors to everyday-wisdom.com each month. We've discovered that some of these visitors want to to do more than read, learn, and apply what they learn. They want to add content to our site, to share with others. So...When appropriate, we are glad to oblige.

On this page you will find quotes that people use to guide their lives. Some you may like and use yourself. Some you might not. That's all up to you.

Let's get started.

From: Oluwagboye Oluwafemi Josiah

  • God is all you will ever need and faith is all it will ever take.
  • The wiser you are, the higher you fly in life
  • This world is for the wise.The wise rule here while the fools are perpetually under tribute.
  • When you know little more than others, you will lead them without stress.
  • It is your WORDS that determine your WORTH.

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