Thinking of You

Reaching My Destination

Driving down a long highway
Heading for my destination.
Turning on the radio
And our song is playing.
Butterflies fill my stomach
And my heart starts aching for your love,

I turn up the volume
And listen to the words
Knowing in my heart
That you are my world
And you are the only one.

I’m so in tune to what I hear
And the words fill my soul
Just as if you’re softly speaking,
Speaking to my heart.

I say to my self
“ How did I ever find such a man
One who is gentle, sweet and kind,
And whose love for me is so carefree
And drives me out of my mind.”

My heart is pounding rapidly
My eyes are in a blur
I don’t know where you came from,
But you put my heart in a stir.
My stomach is flipping upside down
Just like a circus clown.

Racing through the traffic
Speeding faster and faster
It’s your love that I’m after,
For I know each mile is bringing me closer to you.

I can’t wait to see your smiling face
And reach your open arms
And place a kiss upon your lips
And tell you,
'Now I’m safe from harm'.

The song is still playing
As I drift back to reality
And see the highway still ahead of me,
Still wanting to get to thee.

I say to myself,
As I’m rushing through the traffic,
'I won’t ever put our love on a shelf.
I won’t ever let it be,
For the good Lord brought your love to me,
And I won’t ever set it free'.

© Sherri Emily Avery

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