Removing and organizing clutter can be such a hassle. Here are tips to make it easier for you.

Removing and organizing clutter can make life so much easier. It's so easy to accumulate it. What do we get rid of? What do we keep? With what we keep... how do we organize it? Here are some answers:

The four box method to declutter.

"The Four-Box method forces a decision, item by item. To apply it, gather three boxes and a large trash can. Label the boxes, "Put Away", "Give Away/Sell" and "Storage." Items to be thrown away belong in the trash can."

So the first step in removing and organizing clutter is to sort it.

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How to organize your "stuff" for convenience.

"Prioritize storage by placing often-used items in the most convenient locations. Infrequently used items should be placed in less accessible spots (such as top shelves or in another room)."

So a second rule in removing and organizing clutter is to prioritize it after using the four box method to dispose of some of it.

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The weight of objects stored is important.

"Store items by weight. Place the heaviest items in storage areas between hip and shoulder height; store only the lightest items overhead."

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Better ways to get rid of the clutter.

"Seek out double-duty furniture.If you’re in the market for furnishings, keep an eye out for items like coffee tables with drawers and ottomans with lids. You’ll be amazed at how much they’ll hold."

You're probably using furniture to solve your home storage problems now. But if you're like most people you haven't thought about using the above furniture.

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Here's a very simple, easy way to clear up clutter in your house.

Do a few things everyday. Yes, it is that simple. Sometime during the day, we all have a few minutes to take something in the wrong place and put it in the right place. Got kids? There's probably some toys sitting in the wrong place. Perhaps some clothes that need to be put into a chest or dresser. Or... some paperwork sitting out somewhere instead of in a drawer or a home file.

I'm sure you can see how this will help you in removing and organizing clutter.

A different way to look at a guest room in your house.

"If you rarely have guests, use that guest room to meet storage needs, as a home office, dressing room, craft room, or for any other use that will help you with those problem areas in your home."

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A simple way to find more storage.

"Use bookshelves as dividers

You can divide one room into two without making structural changes by making use of a free-standing bookcase - and at the same time, gain added space not only for books but for utilitarian, decorative and collectible items."

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How to look at a child's room when organizing it.

"Since your child is the one using the room, it will help to look around specifically with their vantage point in mind."

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