Retirement The Golden Years. You Are Ready To Become A Retiree, Now What?

Ahh the good old days. Let's take a quick test to see if you’re the right age to retire.

Do you remember...

Margarine that you had to add a color packet to so it would look like butter?
Television stations going off air at 11pm and then the test pattern appeared?
Nylon hose that had seams?
Automobiles that didn’t have seatbelts installed in them?
Bomb shelters, air raid shelters, and crawling under your desk with your yellow plastic Civil Defense hard hat in case of a nuclear attack?
Pedal pushers, pocket protectors, ducktails, Hula Hoops, Slinkies, Tiddlywinks, Dippity Doo, Butch wax, Penny Loafers, baby moon hubcaps,Lake Pipes,running the gut, slide rules and 10:30 curfews?
Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper?

Movie stars

Like John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe,Cary Grant, Janet Leigh, Shirley Temple Black, Clint Eastwood, Annette Funicello, Robert Redford, and all the other stars that we loved.

Television programs

Like I love Lucy,The Honeymooners, Leave it to Beaver, Queen for a Day, The Lone Ranger with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, Buttermilk and Bullet

Our Favorite Singers

Elvis, The Beatles,The Monkee's, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Patsy Cline,The Lennon Sisters, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Vinton, Brenda Lee and Neal Sedaka?

If any of these things brings a smile to your face then you have reached the age where you can retire. Welcome to the Golden Years!

As great as that sounds, there are a lot of things we must face. Since you reached the age of 50 you have been receiving information on AARP and other programs all aimed at the senior citizens. Six months prior to turning 65 you will begin receiving information regarding Medicare supplemental insurance, electric scooters, wheel chairs and filing for Social Security benefits. Your name, age, and address all magically appear on mailing lists and the junk mail begins.

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