Is The Jump Worth The Thrill?
Here Are Some of the Risks of Bungee Jumping You Must Consider Before Taking The Plunge!

Beyond the obvious fall to their death, most people aren't aware of the risks of bungee jumping. Thus far, there have been a half-dozen deaths and nearly as many critical injuries attributed to bungee jumping.

Since this is a relatively new sport, this is a significant number and should make clear for anyone considering jumping that it is quite risky indeed. While how well the bungee jumping equipment is maintained and overseen for its safety factors plays a large role in preventing deaths, there are a number of health risks associated with the sport itself.

Deaths and critical injuries generally occur as a result of improperly maintained equipment or miscalculations of cord length. A death from massive cranial trauma occurred in 1997, for example, from improperly handled cords. The victim was a female member of a professional bungee jumping team. However, even with the most stringent safety precautions, it is not possible to eliminate risks of injury, especially those which are actually associated with the sport of bungee jumping.

One of the most significant risks of bungee jumping particular to women is that of uterine prolapse. It is said that the speed and pressure of the jumping can cause the uterus to not only tip but, in some cases, slide out of its normal location and even out of the body itself. This, naturally, is very dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

Eye trauma is another very serious health risk associated with this sport. One of the most dangerous types of eye trauma associated with jumping is retinal hemorrhage; this presents a very real possibility of losing one's eyesight. Another type of eye injury involved with this sport is the possibility of orbital emphysema, which can also result in permanent loss of vision. On a slightly-lesser scale, but still noteworthy risks of bungee jumping, are basic injuries to the eyes and their surrounding tissues.

Other health risks of bungee jumping vary in their severity. While such injuries as bruises and rope burn may be thought to be rather minor, dislocations and back injuries can range from moderate to disabling.

One must decide if all of these potential risks are worth engaging in the sport of bungee jumping, especially since there is no sure way of calculating the individual's chance of these results occurring. Even being in good general health beforehand is not a guarantee that the act of jumping will not lead to any or all of these results.

If you have assessed your own personal health concerns and have decided to try bungee jumping anyway, it is essential that you do your bungy jumping on equipment which is frequently checked for and maintained for the optimum degree of safety.

Next, you should ensure that those who handle the equipment before and during the jump are adequately trained to do so properly.

In addition, you should consider the fact that some bungee jumping groups allow newcomers to the sport to jump alone, while others take the extra safety precaution of having a newcomer be accompanied by a trained jumper.

As with any adventurous sport, bungee jumping comes with many risks. It is impossible to eliminate all of these risks, regardless of how professional those in charge may be or how cautious the jumper may be. If you plan to become involved with jumping, it is essential that you become aware of the risks involved.

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