Rome: Powerful Empire, Great Tourist Destination.

Rome was founded as far back 753 BC by the twins, Romulus and Remus. It grew substantially until it became the Roman Empire which was ruled by an Emperor from the year 27 BC.

The Roman Empire became a political and economic center for the Western World. Its influence stretched far and wide and it was said that "all roads lead to Rome." This most powerful Empire, however, fell in 476 AD. It had a bumpy history following its fall.

The city retained its status as the capital of the Papal States and later on it became a center of culture and artistic activity which it has somewhat retained to this day.

Over its turbulent history, the population in the area has risen and fallen depending on the trend of the time.

In modern times, it seems to once again be on an upward climb in terms of its permanent population. It is a very popular tourist destination seeing approximately ten million tourists through its city every year. The city is a city of contrasts. On the one hand, tourists will find busy thoroughfares and expensive prices. On the other hand, it is full of small shady parks, fountains and piazzas. It is full of ancient ruins, famous monuments and fascinating museums. You can view the remains of ancient times, see the fantastic architecture from the Renaissance period, enjoy a gastronomical treat in a traditional Italian restaurant or relax in the gardens of European royalty.

Due to the huge number of tourists that visit annually there are a vast number of holiday accommodation options to choose from. From the traditional to the unique, visitors can choose the place that appeals to them most. Hotels are a popular accommodation choice. They range greatly in price and quality. You can choose to stay in luxury hotel or you can easily find a budget hotel often in the area surrounding Termini Station.

Holiday apartments or villas can be found to rent. These are a good option for small groups or families as they provide more space and privacy than a hotel. Bed and breakfasts are fast becoming very popular. If you go for this option be prepared that they may simply be a room in some-one's house.

For those who are traveling alone or who are looking for a cheap accommodation option, many convents open their doors to paying travelers. These convents are strongly Catholic and they may only accept Catholic guests who book their rooms through their local church. Many, however, will accept guests of any religion as long as they are prepared to stay in a Catholic environment and abide by the convent's rules.

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