Saint Lucia A Holiday Destination For The Entire Family.

Saint Lucia is an ideal family holiday destination with its plethora of pristine beaches and amazingly beautiful scenic tourist spots on offer, it is a great place to relax and unwind after the maddening pace of life these days. Saint Lucia is especially popular with people interested in the bounty of nature. There are some beautiful walking trails in the dense rainforest. Wildlife enthusiasts love the fact that here they can see different species of birds and other animals in their natural habitat.
Soufriere is Saint Lucia's oldest town. The town was named this by the French as the air here often smells distinctly of sulphur due to its closeness to the Soufriere volcano. The town has extremely fertile land all around it, because of this the foliage and the rain forest surrounding this town are breathtaking. It can be reached by driving down from Castries. The road leading to this place is worth travelling with the awe inspiring flora and fauna bordering it. This town has the world's only drive in volcano. Although the volcano can in no ways be termed scenic with mounds of stinking morass and the empowering smell of sulphur all around. Still it is definitely worth a trip for its uniqueness factor alone. Nowhere else in the world could you actually drive right into a volcano. A humbling experience!

These Diamond Falls are situated inland from the town of Soufriere. They originated in the area close to the volcano and have an abundance of naturally occurring minerals in their waters. These minerals are considered extremely therapeutic with amazing healing qualities. It is said that the French King in the olden days had baths built in this area for the health and well being of his troops. The minerals are supposedly great for treating rheumatism as well. The falls are surrounded by breathtaking tropical gardens. The flip side is the admission price to this place. It's a little on the steep side but trust me, you'll find the place well worth the expense.

The Island of Fregate lies offshore of the main island, it is a must see for all the bird watching enthusiasts. It has some native species of birds like the Saint Lucia parrot, Saint Lucia wren, and the majestic white breasted thrasher. If you get to see all of them then you can consider yourself really lucky but even a glimpse of some of these elegant creatures is worth the effort.

Pigeon Island National Park is another major tourist attraction. The Island is situated in a mountainous region consisting mainly of forests and a smattering of beautifully maintained lawns. It has a number of historic barracks and some old stone ramparts. These are mostly in ruins, although effort has been made to restore a few of them. One such restored building houses a welcoming beach bar named Jambe de Bois. The island has a museum which illustrates all of its history.

Laborie is a rustic coastal fishing village in the south west. It is a tranquil place with a light protected beach ideal for relaxing. A great place to just laze about and let yourself unwind.

Saint Lucia is becoming very popular with holiday makers going on a family holiday and staying in holiday home rentals. There are some great luxury holiday villas with swimming pools and self catering holiday apartments to rent.


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