The Samoan Islands... Beautiful Reefs, Clear Warm Water!

The Samoan Islands is known as the Independent State of Samoa and is a country controlling the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Samoa was considered as the first country to gain independence during 1962 in the Pacific region.

The country Samoa was included in the United Nations list on 15th December 1976. The entire island of Samoa is known as the navigator's islands. The country Samoa consists of nine islands and Upolu is considered as the largest and most populated island. The population of Samoa consists of 42,000 people. Samoa is home to some incredible sites, it is blessed with beautiful waterfalls which give the place a real charm.

The first important place to visit in Samoa is the National Park. The national Park in Samoa offers some of the best scenery, reefs, shorelines and rainforest. There are three parks situated in the four separate islands. Lata Mountain here offers wild and remote forests with free-flowing streams and a beautiful coastline. This place has access to coral reefs and magnificent beaches. This park forms a line for the volcanic islands and provides road for the easy access to forests and natural wildlife.

The second place for holidaying in Samoa is the Tutuila unit. This place occupies the northern-central part of the island and covers the northern coast of the country. The road into Tutuila offers the biggest mountain of Mount Alava towering at a height of 1,610 feet and provides an exotic view of the harbour and the coastline. This place provides a fine view of the Pola Island and is home to native birds and the flying fox.

The third important holiday spot in Samoa is the Ofu and Olosega beach unit. The white coral beaches of Ofu and Olosega are situated sixty miles east from Tutuila and have easy access to the airport. This beach provides scenic views and an extraordinary coastline for the tourists. Sunu'itao Peak and Piumafua Mountain are considered as the most popular tourist spots in this place. This beach has exotic views of coral reefs in this part of the Pacific.

The next important place of interest is the Ta'u unit. The sea cliffs in the Lata Mountain of the Ta'u are the tallest cliffs in the world. The coastline has an exotic astound view of the coast and the sea cliffs.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Old Faithful Yellow Stone. This is a place displaying the history of the early explorers, it was established during the golden days of yesteryears. It provides an outstanding insight of natural, cultural and scientific views and heritages of the people living in the country.

Samoan Islands is a small country filled with reefs, parks, beaches and coastlines. Tourists find this as a perfect place for holidaying as it provides a quite and calm ambiance.

Samoa is now popular with holiday makers going on holiday on a family holiday and staying in holiday rental homes. Holiday villas with swimming pools and self catering holiday apartments are available to rent in the Samoan Islands.


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