Injured At Work: When to Seek Legal Help

Injured At Work: When to Seek Legal Help

Most people understand the necessity of going out every day and putting in a hard day's work. This is legitimately the only way many individuals can make ends meet. Unfortunately, there are inherent dangers to any job that a person performs. Workplace injuries can happen in any industry, and when they do, it's important for an employee to realize that they have rights. In a perfect world, a worker would never need an attorney, but that's not the world we live in. This is why it's essential for every employee to know when they need professional legal help.

Worker's Compensation Claim is Denied

The worker's compensation system is set up in a way that provides financial assistance to injured workers regardless of who was at fault for an accident. This helps to keep every minor injury out of the court system. Unfortunately, workers are sometimes denied compensation benefits. This denial could be for several reasons, but it should definitely result in the worker hiring an attorney, such as Whitehead and Associates, to investigate their options.

Someone's Negligence leads to Accident

While worker's compensation insurance is meant to keep workplace injuries out of the courtroom, there are still times when a personal injury claim should be filed. If an accident was caused by someone at the company, for instance, and the negligence that led to the accident was reckless, willful or extreme, a worker still has grounds to file a lawsuit. In addition, if an injury is caused by a third party, such as a manufacturer that provided faulty equipment, the worker should seek an attorney to bring forth a third-party claim.

Employer refuses to Cooperate

An employer is supposed to provide the appropriate forms and get the process rolling on a worker's compensation claim as soon as their employee alerts them of an injury. Unfortunately, an injured worker will likely result in higher premiums for the employer, and this sometimes leads them to act in an obstructionist manner to prevent an employee from getting the compensation that they deserve. In addition, some managers simply don't believe that certain injuries are serious, and this often uninformed belief could also lead them to hinder the worker's comp claim process.

Job is in Danger

The law is meant to protect workers who are injured on the job from being fired. Unfortunately, some employers will ignore this law in the hopes that their worker isn't up to date on their labor law knowledge. Anyone who fears that their job is in danger or who has been terminated after sustaining an injury on the job should immediately contact an attorney.

Injury is especially Serious

Most workplace accidents are minor and can often easily be handled through worker's compensation benefits. Unfortunately, some accidents can lead to detrimental injuries, and in these cases, a person should definitely contact an attorney. The long-term medical bills and lost income related to a serious injury can be financially disastrous for an injured worker. This is why they shouldn't take the chance that they may be bypassing compensation that they're legally entitled to.

Workplace injuries ca be detrimental for an individual, and with about three million of these nonfatal incidents occurring every year, there's a little over a three percent chance that a worker will be injured on the job. Unfortunately, this low number isn't comforting to the worker who falls into that statistic. Luckily, legal professionals can help ensure that an individual is treated fairly after an accident, and as long as a worker knows when to seek legal help, they should be well protected.

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