Setting Goals Should Not Be Complicated!

The purpose of setting goals is to help you go through life more easily, with less effort and, therefore, with more pleasure. Setting goals doesn't mean that you should struggle to achieve them or become obsessed in trying to do so. Doing this gives you a clear focus and direction in which to channel your energy, and enhances your feeling of well-being and satisfaction in life once some of them are achieved.

They are there to help you and support you in your true purpose Possibly the trickiest part of getting what you want in life is figuring out what it is you really want! Even so, it is the most important part of it all.

When setting your goals, remember this nothing is written in stone. Therefore, you are not stuck with them forever. You can change them whenever you like, as often as you like, and whenever you feel the need.

When setting your goals, try to have the frame of mind that life is a game to be played and enjoyed, but very rewarding as well. Your goals shouldn't be taken too seriously, but at the same time, they should be looked upon as something important enough for you to make a sincere effort to achieve them. In other words, when defining your goals, make sure they are goals that inspire you.

It's an excellent idea to write your goals down as if you've already achieved them. This has a more clear and much stronger effect.

We're talking about objectives that you truly want - not something you, or someone else, thinks you should want. For this reason, there is really no need to ever share your list with anyone unless, of course, you just want to. We mention this because making your list requires you to be totally honest with yourself. There may be goals you don't want to share with others. Unless you are setting good marriage goals. These, of course, should be shared with your spouse.

It's not uncommon to experience a certain amount of emotional resistance with the very process of choosing and setting goals. This could be experienced in a variety of ways, such as feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and even hopeless. You may even feel the need to distract yourself by taking a time out...perhaps by sleeping, eating, or getting involved in other activities; just don't take too long. After all, such emotional reactions are hindering you from getting what you want out of life to begin with. So go ahead and experience these feelings and reactions, go through them, and then proceed on with the process. Once you get going, you will find it of tremendous value.

Some people on the other hand thoroughly enjoy going through this whole process. They find setting goals fun, even exciting, and certainly enlightening. We hope YOU do! Just don't make the process overly complicated and soon you'll see yourself finally accomplishing the goals that you've set! It's also a good idea to put your personal goals in journals so you can review them from time to time. You'll be surprised at how much you will learn about yourself.


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