Siberian Huskies Are Surprisingly Family-Friendly

When you are looking for a sweet family friendly dog breed consider Siberian Huskies they are a good choice. They are loving and gentle dogs with a good disposition. If you are looking for a guard dog a Siberian Husky is not going to be your best choice. This breed is smart and friendly with owners and people they do not know. Husky puppies have a lot of energy and require supervision and proper exercise. As they grow older they become very relaxed and docile.

As you get to know your puppy make sure that you maintain your position as dominant. Siberian Husky puppies that are not properly trained can become unruly. Remember that this breed needs a lot of attention, they do not like to be left alone for long periods and can get into trouble if left alone. If you must leave your Husky be sure to exercise them well before you leave. They are considered to be difficult to house break as well.


Be sure that you give your dog plenty of exercise through its life. A successful training and exercise program will include both physical and mental exercise. Run your puppies daily and include ball play during exercise. Teach your dog commands so that you can vary exercise routine, they love mental stimulation. It is not recommended to keep this breed in an apartment; you should have a properly fenced yard for your dog to roam in.


The diet that you feed your dog is important in maintaining good health. Make the feeding schedule consistent, you can feed once or twice a day when the Husky is an adult try to keep feeding time in the same place for each meal. Never feed any dog table scraps, this is unhealthy and promotes bad behavior. They are big eaters so be careful not to overfeed this dog breed. Siberian Husky puppies grow to be about 40 pounds and just under 2 feet tall. They are not a large breed dog; they are extremely strong for their size. Their strength and energy makes them the right breed to use for sledding in the snow.

If given the right care throughout their life your dog should live to be about 15. Husky’s are known to suffer from juvenile cataracts, hip problems, among a few other ailments. Proper care and attention can help your dog live a long and healthy life. Set up regular health screenings and include plenty of exercise and good food for your dog.

Grooming your Siberian Husky puppies from an early age will begin a lifelong routine for you and your dog. Their thick coat needs to be maintained on a weekly if not daily basis. A good brush will help clean their coat and thin it out. Husky coats are thick and retain heat. Do not overheat your Husky when you are exercising. On hot days be sure that you have groomed your dog to remove excess hair and talk them for a steady walk in a cool area if you are able.


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