Smoking Alcohol What Parents Should
Be Aware Of With This New Teen Trend

Smoking Alcohol: The Deadly Teen Trend

Parents are being warned about the dangers of teens vaping or alcohol smoking. This activity consists of using a device designed for that purpose or that of an e-cigarette, whereby alcohol and other substances may be inhaled. This transmits already dangerous and potentially deadly substances so that they cause an immediate state of inebriation.

Dangers As with any teen use of alcohol or other drug substances, they are particularly vulnerable to much worse side effects due to their stage of development and lack of knowledge. For instance, few teens realize that vaping alcohol is known to cause great harm to their physical and mental development when abused. This is because early adolescent brains are not formed completely, and therefore too much alcohol interferes with growth. Not only are physical deformities caused, but the nerve damage can result in lifelong, very serious or fatal consequences.

Specifically, the chemical danger of vaporized alcohol entering bloodstreams directly, as opposed to typical digestive systems, means that the body’s protective impulses such as vomiting are bypassed. In fact, swifter infusion of alcohol goes to the brain which makes inhalation far more addictive than regular drinking of alcohol, according to scientific studies. This deadly trend can also be dangerous when paired with new teen drivers. The young minded assumptions that they are getting away with ingesting alcohol "under the radar," as any injury lawyer in Chicago will express, can lead to feelings of invincibility and horrific DUI accidents.

Warning Signs Parents should pay attention to the behavior of their teens on a regular basis. Should parents find pipes, small vials, e-cigarette devices or other suspected paraphernalia, they should investigate the situation immediately. Other warning signs associated with smoking alcohol or vaping may include: Disappearance of valuables such as money or other items Lying about or not telling you where they are going Sudden increases or decreases in appetite Not being where they said they would be Lack of withdrawal from responsibilities Loss of interest in usual activities Disrespect of people and rules Arriving home late regularly Verbal or physical abusive Withdrawn behavior Signs at school may include: Loss of interest in studies Sudden drop in grades

Truancy and tardiness Sleeping in class Delivery Systems E-Cigarettes were first introduced around 2007 as a device for assisting with tobacco smoking addiction. One of the most troubling things concerning e-cigs is that they are being used as a delivery system to smoke and vape alcohol and other substances. Even while used in this manner, e-cigs do not actually curb nicotine addiction. In fact, some experts have said smoking alcohol and e-cigs is actually worse than the real thing. E-cigs are not subjected to the same laws as tobacco. Therefore, they can be purchased by all ages of people, including teens.

Parents should never ignore warning signs of teenage alcohol vaping or drug abuse. When a few of the above signs are present, it is time to have a discussion with your teen and seek professional help. Monitor the teen closely and ensure that what experts advise is adhered to. The only way to get the situation under control is to first acknowledge that it exists and then take action to change it. Nadine Swayne writes this article to help parents safeguard their teens. Any injury lawyer in Chicago will suggest that peer pressure can lead to dangerous situations that a teen may put themselves and others in, including driving while intoxicated from the harmful trend of vaping.

We want to thank Nadine for sharing this informative information on teens and alcohol smoking.


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