The Effects of Snoring and Other Sleep-Disordered Breathing Conditions

The side effects of snoring and other sleep-disordered breathing conditions are many and varied, and can have a negative impact on your life. While snoring is not necessarily a serious medical problem on its own, it may inevitably disturb the sleeping patterns of the one "making all that noise" as well as their spouse and, thus, deprive them of necessary rest.

This alone can lead to depression, fatigue, inability to concentrate, loss of sexual drive, listlessness, and an inability to concentrate. If it continues to get worse, it will lead to disrupted sleep.

People suffering from sleep disordered breathing conditions will wake up in the morning feeling unrested and like they haven't slept at all. They also find it difficult to make it through the day, trying to cope with their tiredness and lack of energy. In extreme cases, some people fall asleep in any given situation, even during conversation and, most dangerously, when driving. The Typical Symptoms:

  • Starting the day with morning headaches.
  • Feeling like you need to rest all weekend to get ready for the next week.
  • Snoring or stopping breathing at night.
  • Feeling tired in the morning due to poor quality sleep.
  • Falling asleep when you sit down to relax.
  • Waking up in the night feeling like there is something in your throat.
  • Suddenly wakening with the feeling that you can't breathe.
  • Creating noise loud enough to wake yourself.
  • Restless sleep causing a crumpled bottom sheet.
  • Taking more than one trip to the bathroom during the night.
  • Having a hard time staying awake during the day.
  • Trouble concentrating during the day.
  • Lack of enthusiasm and decreased motivation in your life.
  • Not able to get started and finish the tasks around the home that you once found enjoyable and were easy to complete.
  • Loss of sexual drive.
  • Excessive weight gain and an increase in your collar size.

It is likely that many road accidents, particularly those on highways where boredom sets in, are caused by going to sleep at the wheel, and this should be taken very seriously by those affected by this problem. Not only can snoring cause tremendous embarrassment, but as mentioned before, snoring often disturbs the sleep of others. This often times will lead to partners choosing to sleep in another bedroom so that they can get a good night's sleep. Sadly, this can lead to a breakdown in the relationship and can often end in divorce.

Tips To Help Prevent Snoring and Start Sleeping Better:

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Walking, for example, is ideal. It is very good for you. Not only does walking help burn off a few calories, it also helps with circulation problems.
  • Consider purchasing an adjustable bed; this will allow you to change your sleeping positions during the night.
  • Purchase a good quality air purification unit to help clean the air that you breathe in your home; this is also recommended if you have allergies.
  • Simple things that are often effective include changing filters on HVAC units, vacuuming the house on a regular basis. Make sure that there is no mold growing in your basements, bathrooms and showers.

These tips are provided so you can help mother nature provide you with good clean air to breathe and, in turn, help you sleep better at night.

If snoring is causing problems in your life, consult with your doctor for recommendations on treating the problem. If left untreated, snoring can lead to other major problems such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and automobile accidents.

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