Things To See On Your Holidays In South Korea

Yet another country in the East Asia, South Korea is the other half of North Korea. It has been divided with the Demilitarized zone and remains as popular as it did before.

There are thousands of tourists who throng to visit this place, since they are curious to know more and wish to learn about the differences between the countries.

People who are obsessed with nature, and make sure to not affect their surroundings, South Koreans are very humble and down to earth. They make sure everyone is comfortable and then take care of their own needs, being self less at times.

When visiting South korea on a holiday, make sure to keep this list of five things ready on hand, so you don't miss out on the must see sights that this beautiful country has in store.

Gangwon is said to be the most popular destination by the Korean government and it is located in the central region in South Korea. Nearly 3/4th of the land is mountainous, and it has two regions each with its own identity. The Eastern runs along the coast, while the western faces Seoul and southern part is the inlands. This is where one begins their climb on the Diamond Mountains and to the Mt Baekdusan which lies in North Korea. This place is beautiful in winter, with snow covering the mountains and there is white snow everywhere.

Seongnamsa is a temple that should be visited and it is regarded a masterpiece. A walk along the 800 meter stone path leads to the park entrance and thereon to the temple. Once you reach there, take a minute to admire the pagoda at the top of the temple, and the various bamboo trees around it.

The Korean folk village is situated on the banks of the river and is a quiet place where the locals go about their daily routine. This is a place that gives the visitors the chance to be part of the locals and learn their way of life. Cooking, gardening, local traditions are all displayed by those who live here. There are parades, dance performaces apart from all this, which makes it more fun for families, especially with kids.

Dodong Mineral Spring park is another popular tourist destination. To catch the beautiful sunset and become one with nature, it is best to come to this mineral spring park. The geysers and the park are a visual treat for anyone coming here. There are stories surrounding this park that if one where to drink the water from this mineral spring, it could cure their ailments, since it has medicinal benefits as well.

The most beautiful place in all of Seoul, Gyeongbokgung is the grandest palace around. It has been around for nearly 300 years, and there are English tours conducted around this place for interested tourists.


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