When Southern Belles Retire

When Southern Belles Retire Their Hoop Skirts and Parasols

Southern ladies in the Deep South are widely recognized to be active ladies who make a positive impact on their communities. When a Southern lady reaches a point in her life where she must consider retiring from her busy work and volunteer life, she may wonder how she can still remain a vibrant part of her local scene. Despite being senior citizens, ladies in the South may still have quite a bit to offer their communities. As they enter this new phase of life, Southern belles can enjoy their retirements while taking part in the many senior activities available in Atlanta.

Mentoring Young Adults

Many young adults today need mentors to guide them and teach them how to be productive members of society. Retired ladies who want to continue to have a positive impact on Atlanta can volunteer as mentors to these younger counterparts. Many civic groups welcome retired volunteers to act as tutors and instructors to burgeoning professionals. Ladies can pass on their knowledge and life skills to people who need such guidance before embarking on their own paths in life.

Gardening and Craft Circles

Atlanta has many senior citizen centers that welcome new members who have just entered retirement. These centers offer recreational opportunities that allow members to perfect crafting skills or take on new hobbies to enjoy during their retirements.

For example, seniors who enjoy gardening, as well as those who have never before grown a garden, can enjoy this activity and take pride in growing their own fruits and vegetables. Likewise, Southern belles who love to crochet, knit, quilt, and sew can find new friends who share their same crafting passions. These centers can be great places for senior belles to gather and enjoy these hobbies with others

Healthcare experts agree that it is important for seniors to stay healthy and active in their retirements. Ladies who love to dance can join any one of Atlanta’s dance studios and show off their moves. Even if they are not proficient dancers, these Southernladies can learn new dances, meet new people, and stay active and fit as they enjoy this recreational activity.

As they are paired off with senior-aged men, single belles may have the chance to strike up a lasting romantic relationship as well.

While they are enjoying their new senior activities, ladies are also encouraged to keep their safety and wellness in mind. If they or their loved ones find that they are slowing down and perhaps requiring more care throughout the day, When they move to an assisted living facility in Atlanta, ladies can still enjoy many activities. Senior citizen assisted living facilities are known for hosting enjoyments like Bingo and game nights Movie and karaoke nights.Shopping trips to popular retail centers and day trips to nearby casinos and other attractions.

Being a vibrant and important member of society does not have to end when a Southern lady retires. Ladies who are newly retired in the Deep South can make an impact and enjoy their retirement years by engaging in any number of popular senior activities in Atlanta

Debbie Nguyen is a transposed Southern Belle by way of Vietnam, living in Atlanta. She is also a graphic designer, blogger and sweet iced-tea addict.


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