Special Needs Child Support 

The demands of the safety and care for a special needs child can often take a toll on a marriage and lead to divorce. Crafting the divorce agreement can be tricky as it should include the child’s therapies, learning programs and their needs that will take them into adulthood. Utilizing the help of an informational approach can secure the child’s future without leaving the custodial parent bankrupt and in debt.

Challenges of Parenting

While parenting rights are typically found in a divorce decree, the issues that arise with a special needs child can be a different form of care and child maintenance. Many of the factors that make the plans more challenging include shared custody agreements. It can also be hard to maintain a standard routine, and the level of care given to a special needs child may not be agreed upon. The divorcing parents may also have varying opinions on the treatment, health care options and educational needs of the child. Specific tools, guidance and recommendations may be necessary in order to resolve the areas where the disagreement is occurring.

Implement a Parental Plan

Before a divorce can be finalized, you’ll find a number of important decisions that must be resolved and negotiated. They must also be recorded and written into the parenting plan. Your child will most likely need medical attention, therapy, schooling and alternative medicines throughout their life. You must also take into account treatments, diets and medication programs that are not covered by insurance. As a parent, you’ll also need to determine any outside costs and how it will impact a parent’s ability to work away from home.

Care and Expenses

If a child requires expensive care that will last into adulthood, this can take a huge financial toll for the primary caregiver, and it must be planned for in the divorce agreement. The many obligations could possibly last beyond the lifetime of the parent. Special children entering into adulthood often are unable to be insured as dependents. This means the child will have to depend on special programs such as Medicare to cover any necessary medical costs.

Child support arrangements directly made to the custodial parent could place the entitlement benefits of Medicare and other such health care programs in jeopardy. A special trust can address these issues and provide for the special needs child throughout the rest of the years of their lives. Look into http://www.800prodivorce.com/florida-child-support-lawyer/ for more information about setting up trusts for your child. The decree of the Family Court may not extend beyond the child turning 18, and you may need to delegate guardianship beyond, so you can continue the level of care and commitment that is required for them.

Every household is different, and the role of parental commitment is dependent on the level of care that is needed for your special needs child. While there’s no specific approach that works in every divorce case, the parents must place the needs and care of the child above their own to ensure that they are properly cared for.

Debbie Nguyen is a mother who likes to blog about issues affecting children, especially about children with special needs because her oldest is one. Careful planning allowed for his ongoing medical needs.

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