Enjoy your leisure time. Here are tips on sports and hobbies.

One of the great enjoyments in life revolve around sports and hobbies. Sports and hobbies are a prime way to replimish the soul.

Sometimes life becomes a little bit much with everyday aggravations. What's a person to do? Answer - enjoy your leisure time.

You may also be the kind of person who chooses activities not just for the enjoyment, but also with the intent of seeing just how good you can get at something. There is joy in developing our skills. The tips you find here will help you do that.

Use this to get an autograph from an athlete.

"Programs are the best: Try to have a program or the roster sheet for them to sign, it is easier for you, especially if you plan on getting more than one autograph, plus it looks better to have an autograph on something related to the game, like a program."

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Fishing Tips

A major consideration when fishing along a stream bank.

If you don't want the fish to see you, try to stay away from deep shade and fish more in the sunlight. Doing this reduces the contrast between you and the bank.

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Golf Tips

We couldn't talk about sports and hobbies without talking about golf. It's amazing how many amateurs participate in this sport.

Course Management is important in improving your game.

"Course Manage Your Troubles Away."

Do you make a point of learning how to find and them remembering the trouble areas of a golf course. The better golfers do this. Why not you? Look for the trouble areas and then... stay away from them. Using golf course management will help improve your game. It's the mistakes you don't make that sometimes give the best results. It's not just what you do good, it's also what trouble you avoid.

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Bowling Tips

How to get more control over your bowling ball.

"Bend Your Knees

As you release the ball, bend your knees as far as you possibly (and comfortably!) can. This puts you lower to the floor and can help control the ball. "

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Craft Tips

All sports and hobbies require developing skills. But when it comes to crafts, and the desire to create something beautiful, the keys to success are in the details.

What to do with leftover fabric when you have made a gift from fabric.

"If you make gifts from fabric, use leftover pieces to make a matching gift card. Dip the pieces in white glue that has been thinned with a few drops of water. Let dry then press out any wrinkles. Cut out stiffened motif, then glue to heavy notepaper for cards. "

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Baseball Tips

Baseball is the national pastime. We couldn't talk about sports and hobbies without talking about baseball.

One of the hitting theories of Ted Williams.

"... the hitter has to use his head and do his homework. He has to know the answers to questions like: What's the pitcher's best pitch? What did he throw me last time I faced him? What are my strengths and my weaknesses? What does he usually throw on the first pitch? "

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