St Maarten And St Martin See Both And Never Leave The Island.

Despite many peoples perception of two separate islands, St Maarten and St Martin are in fact not two islands but one island that was originally split between the French and Dutch colonies for several hundred years.

The island is no longer divided in the sense that there is no separation that is noticeable to the tourist. Apart from the obvious and interesting cultural disparities between the two halves of this exiting tropical island.

There is so much to see and do that St. Martin and St. Maarten can satisfy even the most experienced traveler. The average daily temperature is a balmy Eighty degrees with a very plentiful supply of sunshine. The trade winds are a seemingly constant companion serving to keep the temperatures at bay, and providing a wonderful fresh feel to the evening air.

The culturally vibrant atmosphere is bound to stimulate the senses as the islands visitors are always enthralled by this culturally diverse, yet harmonious Caribbean getaway. The restaurants and stores have a distinctly European flavor tinged with a laid back Caribbean edge, offering foods and gifts that are very familiar yet somehow very different. The beaches can only be described as stunning, in a way that is only found in this little corner of the world.

Accommodations St Maarten And St Martin tend to be up market apartments and villas, rather than hotels. It seems that most visitors prefer the unrestricted feel of doing their own thing at their own pace. With the quiet splendor and seclusion of a spacious self- catering villa or an apartment with a stunning Caribbean view from the balcony. Where tourists can partake of a cocktail, while watching the sun dip into the Ocean.

A vacation on St Maarten And St Martin is not complete without attempting scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal-clear blue-white waters. With the opportunity to view the stunning array of marine life, that awaits you just below the surface of the wonderful warm, calm, seas.

These waters offer an endless supply of exiting opportunities such as sailing, deep sea fishing for Marlin and Barracuda. Wind surfing, pleasure boat rides and memorable romantic evening dinner cruises, there is also Jet Ski riding, or you could even opt for a simple swim in the constantly warm water.

There are also multitudes of historic sites on St Maarten And St Martin that can be visited independently with a hire car, or you can just as easily take an organized trip to the many history filled locations around the island.

The highest quality five course French fare is every bit as wonderful as any to be found in the best Parisian eateries. There is also an enticing mix of European and local flavors that combine to stimulate even the most jaded travelers pallet.

It doesnt matter which island you choose St. Maarten or St. Martin, you can intermingle your vacation with these two wonderfully diverse and intertwined cultures that promise to give a taste of two old world European cultures, with a very distinctive Caribbean edge.

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