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We invite authors, groups, corporations, businesses and individuals to submit articles to our site. Since our website has such a broad spectrum of information we can publish articles on any subject. Articles can relate to your site or can be information that you find interesting and want to share with others. You may submit as many articles as often as you like.

Our requirements for acceptable articles.

They must be unique (no duplicate content). Each article will be checked through Copyscape prior to being added to the site. We will not publish article that do not pass our search on Copyscape. Articles should be 400-800 words and be of good information to our readers.

If short poems are submitted, two or more may be added to the same page,submit poems in html. format to insure it is published correctly.

We do allow two text links embedded in the article and a short paragraph not to exceed 75 words describing your products or firm. Text links must be in the sentence where you would like it to appear. Our editors will choose a picture or graphic that will best suit the article. Should our editors select and use your pictures or graphics they become the responsibility and liability of the person submitting the article. Any pictures with links included will be changed to link to a page on our website that corresponds to the article. Links to videos will not be added to any article.

If you would like your name to appear on the article as author or written by please include your name in the proper block. We will accept articles in html or in plain text.

Our editorial staff will preview each article for grammar, spelling and keyword density. If we open an article and immediately see multiple errors or poorly written content it will be automatically declined. We will try to leave articles as they have been written. We will only change errors or keyword phrases to create traffic to our site.

All articles submitted will be promoted using the best means available. We highly recommend that you do the same. We use the social media and networks such as but not limited to g+1, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and others.


Guest articles submitted receive no compensation nor do they share in any revenue generated to If we find the need for articles with specific content we will contact the guest authors and offer you compensation for each article written.

If requested we will share information about such as the monthly numbers for the countries that we get visitors from, the number of visitors and the page count. This information may be helpful to you in obtaining future clients for you to promote.

All articles must be suitable for any age person to view. Everyday-Wisdom will not link to or allow to be published on our site any articles that promote nudity, racial bias, bigotry, or downgrading any individual for gender, race, or religious beliefs. Articles we deem to be unacceptable or below our standards as set by our editors will not be published. When your article is published we will send you a notification with a link to your page.For articles not published we will send an e-mail explaining our reason for not publishing the article. Articles may be resubmitted after the necessary changes are made. All submitted articles when published become the property of Only guest authors can request that we delete their name and the links that they have added to the article.

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