Soothing the Symptoms of Colic in Babies

If you have a baby symptoms of colic will be one of the first things you will learn. Your baby may be crying quite often, and may seem to be irritable for long periods of time, even after they have been fed and changed. But how do you know if they are experiencing colic symptoms? Here are some tips on recognising and soothing the symptoms of colic in your little one.

One of the most obvious signs of colic is your babys fussiness, which tends to occur at the same time every day or evening. No mater what you do, your baby may not be soothed, and the crying will usually stop as abruptly as it started. You may also notice symptoms of colic after mealtimes, even if you are breastfeeding, so make sure that you are observant of the times that your baby starts to becoming especially irritable. Allergic reactions to baby foods or infant formulas may also be an indicator, so pay attention to your baby after feeding times, so that you can notice whether or not rashes develop, redness or swelling occurs, or bloating ensues, even after you have breast fed.

When your baby is crying, you should observe his body language to determine if your infant is experiencing symptoms of colic. An arched back, balled fists, and a firm stomach that extends beyond the rest of the body significantly could all be indicators that your baby needs to be treated.

It is important to watch your baby's sleeping patterns as well; the less sleep your little one gets on a daily basis, the more likely it is that she is suffering from colic. Your baby may also be particularly irritable when she is awake due to exhaustion, and if you notice that this has been going on for a few weeks, it may be time to get your baby treated.

Symptoms of colic can be eliminated by you as a mother, especially if you are breast feeding. Try to stay away from foods that contain dairy, as well as raw vegetables, or foods that are spicy, such as Mexican or Indian fare. Special medications to cure gas and bloating can also be given to your baby by the doctor, and you can also buy things like Maalox to give your little in small doses. If you want to use all natural remedies to cure symptoms of colic, fennel or catnip can be used. You can steep these herbs to use in the form of a tea, and give it to your baby in droplets, or add the herbs to your baby's formula. You should start to see results within a few days.

Making sure that your baby is falling asleep in the most comfortable environment is also great for treating symptoms, since it will ensure that your little one will be relaxed.

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