From The Good Sam Club
12 Money-Saving Travel Tips To Help
RV Owners Relieve Their Stress At The Pump

If you own an RV, we have an article from The Good Sam Club that you will find interesting. Actually, with today's gas prices, you'll find it important.

We had no idea just how big this company was when we contacted them. They have over a million members. A Million!

Who is The Good Sam Club and how can they help you? Their members get the most comprehensive RV road service available, discounts at parks and campgrounds, and much more. We’re glad they offered us an article for Everyday Wisdom we can share with you.

Here’s the article they sent us:

Relieve Pressure At The Pump
With 12 Money-Saving Travel Tips

Don't let steep fuel prices squelch your summer travel plans. With a little advance planning, you can travel smarter and still enjoy your RV travel to the fullest.

Despite high prices at the pump, RV travel is still one of the most cost-effective and enjoyable ways to travel. The biggest advantage? You can easily control your travel budget. Below are some simple ways to cut costs on travel:

1. Spend less time driving and more time enjoying. According to RVIA, 52% of RV owners plan on spending more time at campgrounds (or in one place) and 45% will reduce the distances they travel this season. Take advantage of destinations that offer plenty of activities your family enjoys.

2. Plan your trip and know where you're going. Don't waste time and gas driving in circles. Use the Good Sam Club's trip routing benefit and read maps carefully. If you're not the type to stop and ask for directions, consider investing in a GPS system or other navigation system.

3. Take advantage of Good Sam discounts. Keep a copy of the 2006 Trailer Life Directory in your rig so you can quickly locate campgrounds and attractions offering a discount to Good Sam members.

4. Put on your chef's hat - plan and prepare meals. Use the kitchen or campfire frequently and reserve dining out at restaurants for special treats. Skip the fast-food places altogether. You'll not only save your dollars but save on calories, too. Stay away from high-priced snacks at convenience stores and gas stations and do your shopping ahead of time. Brew your own coffee and forego the cappuccinos.

5. Shop for cheap gas. Visit the Gas Buddy website or to determine the cheapest gas prices by zip code or region. Gas stations near major freeway exits can be more expensive than stations farther away. It may be worth it to drive a few blocks from the freeway to find lower prices. Gas stations in affluent areas and service stations with an auto-repair shop on site often charge higher prices for gas.

6. Keep your tires properly inflated..

7. Manage your RV's weightload. Resist the urge to load to capacity - or worse overloading your RV. Pack lightly, taking only the essentials.

8. Avoid high speeds. As your speed increases, your drag increases. Driving at 60 mph will optimize fuel economy on the highway. Use cruise control as much as possible.

9. Drive smoothly - without sharp acceleration or braking. Applying slow and steady acceleration and braking may increase your fuel economy by as much as 20%.

10. Use the air-conditioner sparingly. When the air-conditioner is running, it puts an extra load on the engine, increasing fuel consumption.

11. Keep up with your vehicle maintenance. Dirty air filters, old spark plugs and low fluid levels can all lead to a decrease in your fuel economy.

12. Avoid long idles. If you plan on being stopped for more than one minute, shut off the car. Restarting the car uses less fuel than letting it idle for this time.

Each of these tips can save you a little while on your summer vacations. So spend wisely, drive safely and have fun!

At, we love to help people save money. This article from The Good Sam Club does just that and we appreciate The Good Sam Club sharing their tips with us.

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