Great Treats for Your Pet Bird

Have you considered treats for your pet bird? Do you think that your pet bird is sick and tired of just eating pellets and seeds? It is possible and to spice up their diet, here are a few things you can give them on occasion.

Fruits are great because they have vitamins and minerals. Some examples which you can give your pet bird include bananas, grapes, melons and oranges. Just remember it is fresh and whatever they do not eat after an hour should thrown away to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

If fruits are good, there is no doubt that vegetables are also worth giving to your pet bird. Some examples are broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and peas. Just be sure to wash them first so any pesticides that were used in planting them are removed.

Beans are also good treats for your pet bird. Before you give it, make sure to cook it first because there are certain varieties of beans that are harmful if they happen to eat this raw.

We love pasta and your pet bird can enjoy that too. This is because pasta is rich in carbohydrates and it can go well with the fruits or vegetables that you are giving. Best of all, this can be eaten raw or cooked.

Your pet bird can also eat bread as this provides them with a good source fiber. It is best to give it to them in smell bites first rather than a whole piece if you are giving this for the very first time.

Another ideal snack to give your pet bird is popcorn. If you decide to serve this unpopped, boil it first in plain water so you can soften the tough hull. If you are giving this cooked, make sure this is heated using the microwave because these are high in fat and salt that is harmful to their health.

Cereals and grains can also be given as treats for your pet bird. Such treats contain carbohydrates and protein so just fill up their plate and then watch them munch it away.

Nuts are also a tasty treat that your pet bird will enjoy. If they don’t eat it, this can also be used to exercise their beaks. Just be sure the variety of nuts you give is both clean and unsalted.

Lastly, your pet birds can be given some pepper. This is because they can easily take it since they lack the taste receptors that we humans have. If you don’t believe it, try giving your pet bird either some fresh chili or banana pepper. They do make grat treats for your pet bird.

Birds need proper nutrition and in order for that to happen, it has to be ingested, digested and absorbed. You can get this from many products and if you want to know what else they can eat, ask your veterinarian or do some research. That way, you are sure that what you are giving them is safe and that they will not experience any side effects.

If they do not like what you have given, don’t force them and offer them something else. In time, you will figure out what treats they like and do not like so they can get to eat other stuff not only seeds and pellets.

To help your pet bird digest whatever they just ate, make sure that they have a sufficient amount of water inside the cage.

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