Option to fiberglass truck bed covers

In searching for truck bed covers, the fiberglass tonneau cover is among the much more desired covers available on the market. Their covers tend to be powerful plus they look wonderful on your pickup truck. Additionally they safeguard the freight from robbers as well as severe climate conditions. Its materials is safe, tough as well as takes on a glossy painted finish or even can provide an ideal match to your truck's color. Whenever traveling across the highway, it doesn't tear or even flap regarding such as a specific item along with soft vinyl covers. The only real disadvantage for that fiberglass truck tonneau cover is the weight. They're long lasting as well as weather-tight but could be considered a bit bulky. If you prefer a fibreglass truck tonneau cover for your truck bed cover however don't want its thickness, you will need armor lid tonneau covers.

Armor lid is a hard tonneau cover that is the lightweight alternative to fiberglass. It only weighs about 60 lbs which is light enough to be hung on the garage wall. It is tough and durable made from an automotive grade UV protective polymer called ASA. The product has been combined with a high impact ABS to provide a strong, heat resistant, durable and lightweight product which is known to be armor lid. It is virtually indestructible in all conditions and environments so it will not fade, warp, or crack. These are even successfully tested in temperatures ranging from -40F to 200F.

An armor lid tonneau cover has a textured black finish for a clean OE look. This textured finish resists scrapes and scratches that would otherwise be easily visible on smooth bed covers. It also has a heavy double-bulb rubber seal between your truck and the armor lid to protect the truck's finish. Installation is so easy because it does not require a drill. The mounting hardware will just clamp to the trucks bed rail for a clean fit and finish. Once installed, the cover can be easily removed in minutes when full truck bed access is needed.

The truck tonneau covers of armor lid tend to be waterproof. It features a completed underside with an extra thick climate tite gasket that provides a superior seal. These covers overlap the top of your truck bed rails as well as lengthen down the side of your truck about an inch. Once the cover is latched to the gasket, it compresses in order to seal out the water and dirt keeping the freight clean and dry.

One can purchase this tonneau cover at Tonneau Covers World. It features a 5 year warranty on the ABS lid. It also comes with a pre-installed LED cargo light that light up your truck bed during low light conditions.

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