Enzo Ferrari The Ultimate Super Car.

There can only be one ultimate super car and that car without a doubt is the Enzo Ferrari, its best described as performance unlimited.

It goes without saying that almost everyone knows what a Ferrari is. It's red, it's fast and it's certainly a luxury not everyone can have. Every kid, boys and girls, wants to grow up to own a Ferrari. Many man work and toil just to save up enough money to get them a decent Ferrari. But how it all did started?

The founder for Ferrari is Enzo Ferrari. Born on the 18th February 1898 in Modena, Italy, Ezno did not have a very formal education because he was not particularly interested in his studies. He was very determined in racing cars. He took up racing when he was 19 but did not have huge success.

He then left the tracks and secured a job at Alfa Romeo. He took the job as a car racer with them and found bigger success than he did previously. After racing for Alfa Romeo for more or less 20 years, he left the company to set up his own company, the Auto-Avio Construzini to subsequently build his own racing cars under his own name, Ferrari. The rest as they say is history.

The Enzo Ferrari was the Ferrari that was named exactly after its owner. This Ferrari was built in the year 2003 and it was built using some of the Formula 1 technologies. These technologies include F1-style carbon-ceramic brake discs, carbon-fiber body, and sequential shift transmission. To build a car with the best performance, the designers of this Enzo Ferrari also went as far as to use banned Formula 1 technology which is the active and integrated aerodynamics.

The Enzo Ferrari has the largest engine as compared with the other Ferraris. Despite that fact, the Enzio Ferrari was made with inspirations from the racing tracks. With this reason, the frame of Enzio Ferrari was made out of carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb panels.

This frame will then form a rigid tub for the Enzo Ferrari. In the middle of the frame is where the new large engine F140 is at. The all new F140 is actually a twelve cylinder engine. This particularly large engine is attached to the alloy sub-frame at two points. The purpose of this design is to prevent the vibrations from escaping into the passenger compartment.

As mentioned about the inspirations from the Formula 1, this Enzo Ferrari uses an electro hydraulic system that automatically activates the clutch and the gear changes. This is actually a semi-automatic gearbox and it helps the driver of the Enzo Ferrari to change their gears in 150 milliseconds. The driver may also achieve gear changes in 90 milliseconds if he is driving the Enzo Ferrari in sport mode, talk about the ultimate super car.

The uniqueness of this Enzo Ferrari also lies with the embedded electronic system that they used on the sport car. These embedded electronic systems are included to ensure the comfort of the driver while driving the Enzo Ferrari. The designers included a central computer that can synchronize the engine, the suspension, and the transmissions. Inside the Enzo Ferrari, the designers also included the aerodynamic subsystem to optimize the performance and also the wellbeing of the driver.

Like the founder of the Ferrari, the Enzo Ferrari is truly a unique car of its own. There are those that are similar but they can never compete with the quality and the performance of the Enzo Ferrarithe ultimate super car. It is no wonder why people still want to own a Ferrari to this day.

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