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Entertain Your Unruly Baby 5 Tips To Help Them Relax and Calm Down.

Although some parents are lucky enough to have a baby who is rarely fussy, the majority of people will end up dealing with some wild behavior between the infant and toddler years. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to reign in your child's unruly behavior.

Keep in mind that every child reacts differently to efforts to calm them down or reroute their energy, so you might need to try a few different techniques before you find the right way to keep your toddler relaxed and entertained.

Five Tips for Calming Your Young Child Down

1) Place them in a Playard  Most babies love spending time in playard because it comes equipped with so many different items that entertain them. As an added bonus, you can put your baby in their playard or play gym when you need to get housework done because they will be unable to climb out of it until they get a little older.

2) Give them a Bubble Bath

Although some babies and infants throw a fit when it is bath time, it is more common for children to like spending time in the tub, especially if bubble bath is involved. Therefore, you can give your infant or baby a bubble bath with some of their toys to help them relax

3) Play their Favorite Music 

If your infant has a habit of getting into everything in the house, you will need to find ways to redirect their energy. Putting on their favorite music and encouraging them to sing and dance is a good way to distract them, and it will also help them develop their fine motor skills.

4) Do an Art Project Together

Some toddlers are so interested in art that they draw or paint their creations in a lot of unacceptable places such as on the living room wall. Instead of feeling constantly stressed out, you can help channel their interest in art by doing art projects with them on a regular basis. Eventually, you will be able to let them create their own projects after they become familiar with the rules of how to properly use their art supplies.

5) Turn their Energy into a Physical Fitness Opportunity 

Toddlers always seem to have extra energy to burn, and this can make it difficult to get them to bed at night. However, you can help wear them out and make sure they get a lot of exercise by giving them specific goals such as jumping rope 20 times or running back and forth between two specific objects several times.

As you can see, there are several ways to calm your unruly baby and contain your young child's wildest impulses, and each of them has mental or physical benefits that go beyond simply giving you a few minutes of peace. Once you have tried all of the items listed above, you will be able to tweak them so that they fit your child's interest level and are therefore able to remove some of the stress from your house

Busy writer and mother of two, Molly Pearce shares this post to offer fresh ideas to other swamped moms who have a unruly baby and little ones with tons of energy. When researching product information for this post, such as finding the perfect playard, she looked  online for a variety of products and parenting tips for the toddler and infant We want to thank Molly for this great information on calming an unruly baby


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