Giza, Mickey Mouse & Michael Jackson:
Seeing the pyramids on a most unusual cruise.

Arthur Fessenden, A friend of ours here at, sent us a story about a most unusual cruise. You might find it interesting. Arthur is the president of The Art of Cruising ( ). He's been on a lot of cruises, and this one had a stop at Alexandria Egypt. Without further ado, here's Arthur's story about Giza, Mickey Mouse & Michael Jackson.

I have been very lucky to see many places on this earth. This Egyptian story is one of my favorites.

While on a Crystal cruise (1993), one of the stops was Alexandria, Egypt (Cairo & the pyramids of Giza were options). As my style, my wife and I never go with an organized group. Instead, we met this man (who looked exactly like Sammy Davis Jr.) whose name was Mohammed. He was to be our driver, tour director, protector and translator for a 10 hour trip to Cairo which is about three hours away.

Mohammed pulls into this tiny rural village, stops the car, as several locals started to gather around. All of a sudden two camels appeared (I kid you not, they were named Mickey Mouse & Michael Jackson), and according to Mohammed and his friends, our expedition was ready to begin—. I told Mohammed that I wasn't sure about this...but in the end we decided to take a chance.

Most everyone who goes to see the pyramids usually gets only a five minute picture taking session in front of the pyramid or the Sphinx. This was going to be different.

Leaving Mohammed at this village, our new tour guides were kids named Sully and Mersiad. We entered the back sands of Giza through a small gate and with headscarfs, yes we felt like Lawrence of Arabia, we rode the back part of this magnificent Wonder for forty-five minutes. It was wonderful.

We would have never experienced this adventure if we had not been willing to take a risk. An added benefit was traveling through other neighborhoods to get to our destination. This proved to be a blessing as we learned and observed so much about this long and great Egyptian culture. What a great trip.

I hope you enjoyed Arthur's story of a most unusual cruise. There are three pyramids in Gaza. And the tallest of the three pyramids was the tallest structure in the entire ancient world, made by man, for over 3,800 years.

Keep in mind the average traveler does not have the chance to have Arthur's kind of experience. Remember how he said that the average traveler gets only five minutes at the pyramids or the Sphinx. Arthur got a lot more. Yes, he took a risk. And yes, you have to be careful. But Arthur has been in the travel business for over 30 years. He knows what he is doing and has great instincts.

Finding the right cruise ship can be difficult. Whether looking for a standard cruise or an unusual cruise, we highly recommend our friend, Arthur Fessenden. He has arranged cruises for us in the past which have given us some wonderful memories. And here's the good news -- his services are free. You can't beat free.

If you want to contact Arthur Fessenden at The Art of Cruising, here's his information:

Arthur Fessenden
The Art of Cruising
Toll Free 1-866-942-3340
Local 770-942-3340

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