Wedding Favors...To Add
That Very Special Touch!

Wedding favors are used as a way for the bride and groom to show that they appreciate each of their guests; the time they have taken out of their busy schedules, the help they have given, the thoughtfulness in their gift-giving, the distances the guests have traveled, whatever it is the guest did that helped make this day even more special for the happy couple. The wedding is first and foremost about the celebration of two people uniting for eternity. It's always been this way and will continue to be this way. Guests are invited to share in the joyous occasion but also to bear witness to the union. There is something about standing before all those who are special to you and making lifelong commitments for others to hear. And that is really what transforms two people into a married couple.

These small gifts traditionally are given to all of the guests that have been invited to the wedding reception. They're typically inexpensive gifts, averaging in the $1-$2 price range per piece. Of course, more expensive wedding favors are available and there are many weddings for which these higher-priced wedding favors are appropriate.

Countless ideas are available in just about every category one could imagine, from sterling silver picture frames, to personalized edible chocolates, and even fragrant bath soaps. Selecting wedding favors isn't all that difficult, nor is it necessary to purchase these well in advance of the wedding date. Most are readily available at online and retail outlets that specialize in this type of wedding accessory. You don't want to wait until the last minute however, as that is a particularly hectic time, and you will need to allow ample time for personalization, or if you select an item that requires special ordering, for example, an unusually large quantity, or an exclusive item. To be on the safe side, two to three months prior to the wedding date is a good time to make your wedding favor selections. Once you have them in your possession, the only other thing you need to worry about is getting them to the reception before the guests arrive.

One way to easily shop for these items is to go online. Type 'wedding favors' into your search engine and you'll get pages of web sites offering every type of wedding favor you could ever want. So where do you begin? It's definitely a good idea to consult your budget worksheet first so you know the price range to focus on. From there, think about what makes you and your partner unique. Do you both love golf? Are you wine connoisseurs? What about a theme? If your wedding has one, there's sure to be a favor to complement that theme. Do you want the favor to be the place holder? If so, select one that allows you to write the person's name and table number.

Creating your own wedding favors is another option and can end up being the most unique idea of all in addition to being one that your guests are sure to treasure!

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