Wedding Planning: What to Plan Before the Ring

Wedding Planning, not an easy task but one that will create lifetime memories.

According to a survey by TheKnot, 16 percent of brides began planning their wedding before an engagement. Many used Pinterest to curate wedding ideas on themed boards, and had them conveniently on hand to revisit once the big question came around. While planning ahead can help to streamline the wedding process, it isn't always perfect. Learn what to plan in advance and what to wait on to discuss with your partner.

While you may have the perfect proposal in mind or have it set that your colors will be lilac and rose, the man you fall for may want otherwise. Trying to sell him on your dream scheme can lead to wedding planning stress and fights. Try these tips to limit strife between you two:

DO browse dresses for you and your attendants.

If you find a dress you love on sale, you can save big by purchasing it in advance. However, do be aware that trends (mermaid dresses, blushing orchids. for example) may go out of style by the time you are actually aisle-ready. If it's too trendy, don't buy it unless you two have discussed marriage and you are just waiting for him to pop the question.

DO get pinspiration online.

It's perfectly fine to browse and create Pinterest wedding boards, read wedding blogs, and ask locations you love for event planning information. It helps you determine what you like and don't like, which gives you a leg up on single ladies who haven't thought about their dream wedding. While some women do get their heart set on a particular venue, don't dare book without having a groom on standby.

DO browse to learn what ring styles you like.

Ring shopping is something the two of you might choose to do together, since it can be an incredibly meaningful part of the wedding experience for him. Once he asks (or before), browse engagement and wedding rings at, which has a large selection of rings and styles. This way you'll have a chance to show him the styles you prefer and the cuts that you like most. He'll probably thankful that you've taken out some of the guesswork.

DON'T get too attached to your ideas.

As you dream up your big day, don't get overly attached to your ideas or vision. Remember that it's the biggest day yet in your partner's life too, and he'll have opinions about how things should be planned as well. Marriage is a compromise, and the wedding planning process is no different.

DO include your boyfriend.

Next time you eat something you both love, or you find a new favorite spot around town, discuss incorporating that into your wedding someday. It can bring you closer, and remind him how you envision a long future together.

DO leave some room for Mr. Right.

While most guys are aware that many women have dreamed of their wedding day since childhood, it's one thing to share general ideas that you've tucked away—it may be overwhelming, however to pull out an organized binder of wedding data. Don't forget the real reason for a wedding. Yes, it can be a wonderful celebration with family and friends, but they'll all be there to watch as you and your partner make a lasting commitment to one another. Make your man feel like the big day is about your promise to him, not just about the cake, colors and ambiance at the party.


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