Selecting the Perfect Wedding Reception Location.

Choosing a wedding reception location has to rank high in priority as you plan your wedding. It involves more than just making sure all your guests can fit comfortably into the space. The location you choose sets the tone for your wedding. Do you want a formal wedding, an easy going wedding where fun and light heartedness comes first and foremost, or something in between?

That being said, space considerations obviously have to be included as well. Because the location you choose is where the majority of the wedding day festivities will take place, there has to be enough room to accommodate eating, dancing, socializing, and all the other fun activities that happen at receptions like cutting the cake and throwing the wedding bouquet.

Many couples choose larger-sized hotels or function halls for their wedding receptions because typically, everything they need to pull off this memorable event is right there on-site. As an added bonus, these types of wedding reception locations usually include the services of a wedding coordinator who will work with the couple to meet their every need. And the great thing about having a reception in a hotel is that overnight accommodations don't require any extra planning.

Or you may decide to have the beauty of an outdoor ceremony. Whether you are planning a backyard ceremony or one at a beech, keep in mind the unknown that Mother Nature presents. The decision on the bride’s dress can be impacted as well. If it’s going to be hot, the dress should be more light weight. We also suggest you check out the location you decide on at the same time of day you will have your wedding. This way you will get an idea of how the ceremony would feel. You don’t want the sun blinding your guests. Don’t forget to include in your invitations that the wedding will be outdoors.

It would be a good idea for you to select the wedding reception location as soon as possible. This is especially important if you need to accommodate a large number of guests and if your wedding will be held during the busy season. Although you do not need a firm head count, you will need an estimate. A medieval castle on a lake may not accommodate 250+ guests. Also, determine your wedding reception budget beforehand as this likely will have an impact on your wedding reception location options. You may want to consider arranging your wedding off-season when rates on reception locations will typically be much lower.

You will be required to make a down payment to reserve the space and date and this typically will be non-refundable. You'll want to make sure you understand the cancellation policy as it may involve more than losing your deposit. Also discuss arrival and departure times to make sure all the elements you have planned can be accommodated during this time frame.

Besides the types of venues already mentioned, plenty of other wedding reception location options are available, and they'll each vary in terms of space, price and amenities, so it's important to pay close attention when visiting the ones you're considering. Smaller gatherings can be held at places such as at home, a museum, a botanical garden, or a park. Although these may be smaller in size, the details will still need to be coordinated by someone so don't forget to ask for help, even if that means hiring a wedding coordinator.

When you're looking at wedding reception locations, try to plan out the space, much like you would if you were buying or renting a home. Are there any restrictions (like music or sound levels) that apply to the site you need to consider? Where will dining and dancing take place? Where will the guest book and place cards be located? Is there a secure area for wedding gifts? Will you need a stage for your musicians? Are there electrical outlets for the DJ? Your photographer will want to know about the lighting and whether there's a suitable location to take wedding party photos. Is there a way to control the temperature? If the reception will be outdoors, you'll need a back-up in the event of uncooperative weather, which may add to your costs.

When planning the location and date, ask yourself if there are other events in that area that might impact your wedding.

And finally, to be on the safe side it is a good idea to choose your location based primarily on the recommendations of highly trusted individuals or planners.


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