How To Write The Perfect Wedding Speech.

Writing a wedding speech for your daughters big day is probably the most emotional thing you will ever have to do. Your little girl is now grown up and flying the nest and on this very emotional day you are expected to stand up and deliver a speech that will be remembered forever.

Unlike the best mans speech the father of the bride should write a speech that is far more sentimental. This wedding speech is an emotional and is often considered the hardest to write and furthermore to say out loud.

The wedding speech read by the father of the bride is usually the first speech heard by the quests and sets the tone for the wedding speeches that follow.

The general flow of the speakers should be.

You should begin your by talking about the guests. Focus on thanking them for attending, especially those that have travelled some distance to be there. Always mention any guests that have helped with the wedding in any way, whether it is financial or organizational. No matter how small this gesture will be appreciated.

The Bride
Tell the guests how proud you are of your daughter. Include funny stories from when she was a child and mention any achievements she has made throughout her life. Remember to wish her good luck and good health in the future with her new husband.

The Groom
It is always wise to mention the groom in your speech. Welcome him into your family. This is a time where you can mention some of the good qualities he has and why you are pleased your daughter has chosen him to be her husband.

The Couple
Although the father of the brides speech has a part that is predominately for the bride and groom separately it is always a good idea to say a few words to both of them together. This is where you will wish them well in their future and let them know you will always be there if they need you.

At the end of the speech the father of the bride should ask the guests to raise their glasses for a toast to the bride and groom.

You maybe dreading the day you have to read your speech because you suffer with nerves and feel you will mess the speech up. Just remember the moment does not last long and because the father of the bride speech does not need to be funny you will not feel the need to wait for a laugh. The guests will not mind if you forget your lines as they are friends and family and are not there to heckle you. If you do forget your lines just take a deep breath and refer to your notes.

Above all remember how proud you are to be standing in front of your newly married daughter on her wedding day.

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