How Do You Capture The Emotion of Your Wedding Day To Cherish For Years To Come? Hire A Wedding Videographer!

How To Choose Your Wedding Videographer,

It is amazing to see over the years how the wedding industry has changed in relation to photography and video. When I started as a wedding videographer in 2001, there was certainly much favoritism to having a wedding photographer and leaving the video out. For many bride and grooms this was an additional expense that they simply could not afford. Over the last 5 years, an interesting thing has happened. More weddings are being filmed by video professionals. With the decrease in expense for high quality video gear, costs are lower and couples can now afford to have a wedding video. There has also been an increase in the quality of video, with high definition the new buzz word at the local bridal expo.

This has also seen many amateur wedding videographers sprout out. Many do not have sufficient experience or training, to be trusted with such an important day as a wedding. However this is not to say all of the young guys aren't good. Often they will have new ways of filming the wedding, so that the bride and groom will be turned into semi-film stars.

We all know its great to have a video on DVD of your wedding. A video tells the story exactly as it happened. All the emotion is captured, the vows are recorded for ever and the joy of the day can live on. While photos are great memories of the day, they can't bring the excitement of getting married back to life, like a video can.

So you know that you want a wedding video, but where to go?

Well when choosing a wedding videographer, you should ask to see some samples/demos. This may be simply having them post you a DVD or maybe they have samples online on their website.

Price is always a consideration, so get 3 or 4 quotes from well known videographers in your area and compare. Do they offer packages or charge by the hour, or by the different options selected. While some may charge very low, often their quality will also be reflected in their price.

The standard price Melbourne, (Australia) for a wedding video can range from $500 to $5000. The average is around $2500. This would include the majority of options that you would need.

I would also recommend asking to either speak to past clients of the videographer, or look for testimonials on their website / brochures. You can also look them up on local wedding planning forums, where people will leave feedback on their suppliers for their wedding.

The equipment that a wedding videographer uses does hold some weight, but not all. Their equipment must be up to date and recent, but it does not need to be the latest camera off the production line. There are plenty of great video cameras that do a fantastic job for weddings, especially in low light conditions, which is often present at the reception. You can request high definition if you prefer, but some may charge extra for this.

Finally, I would recommend that you go with your gut feeling. If you have covered off the points above, as well as other common sense issues, then you will be able to make an informed decision and cherish your wedding video for many years to come.

All the best as you choose your wedding videographer!


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