Your Mind and the Law of Attraction

Your mind an undeveloped resource.You create your life through the thoughts that you think. The law of attraction tells the mind what is important to you and then the mind manifests whatever you desire. The secret is in knowing this to advance your spiritual growth.

This mind we utilize, that we trivialize as a part of our physical brain functioning, is so powerful that it can create physical matter out of thin air.

What a resource. We are so much more powerful than we believe ourselves to be. We are just not conscious and fully aware of the ultimate power we possess through the three aspects of our beingness.

We see the vulnerability of the body and make assumptions about the vulnerability of the mind and spirit. We don't see, in a physical sense that much of this bodily susceptibility is due to the thoughts and beliefs that we hold, and the power of the mind to manifest those thoughts and beliefs.

When somebody on the television tells you that it is cold and flu season, we often get the thought in your mind that we feel a sniffle and we are getting a cold. This thought, that we take as a normal input from the external stimuli that we are bombarded with daily, then begins to become reality as we put our attention on it. Remember, the law of attraction tell us you bring into your life that which you put you attention on.

As you continue to think thoughts of having the cold or the flu, you start to create that very condition into your reality. It takes form in your physical body and the next thing you know, you have a cold or the flu.

Ask yourself this. If you had not watched the television and did not hear that the cold and flu season was upon us, do you think that you would have still gotten a cold?

Think about this. Even if you were exposed to somebody that had a cold and they sneezed in your presence, do you think that you would develop a cold if you never once thought about the cold, the germs or anything else other than living in perfect health?

You bring into your life that which you put your attention on.

Think about this. If you never watched television again do you think that you would be subjected to as much violence, hate, prejudice and judgment in your life? Do you think that you wouldn't get sick as much as you do if you never heard about the sickness and perceived sickness that you subject yourself to on a daily basis, just by watching television and the television advertising that keeps telling you that there is a magic pill for every symptom of every ailment that has come down the pike since the beginning of time.

Sometimes they don't even tell you what the pill is for. Just ask your doctor. When is the last time you called your doctor to ask them about a pill you saw on television?

It's your mind. It's your thoughts. It's your consciousness. It's your beliefs. What are you thinking? Are you conscious of what you are thinking about? Who are you being while all this thinking is happening?

The silent observer, your soul, is watching as this play of your life unfolds. The soul is not judging your thoughts.your mind and your actions. It is merely observing and holding the truth about who you really are. No matter what dramas the body and the mind are conjuring up to fulfill the attention of their intentions, the soul is always at peace with the knowledge that who you really are is love.

The soul is always at the ready to remind (that is, re-mind) you of the truth of yourself at all times. You access these basic truths of yourself through the heart, not your mind. Once again, it is your choice as to which arena of knowledge you choose to access.

Most of our human conditioning tells us to “use our heads.” Females seem to have an advantage when it comes to living more from the heart. They seem to be able to access their feelings much easier and don't seem to use rational logic as the determining factor in decision-making, as males seem to do.

Obviously this is not true in all cases but whether you are male or female, we all have the ability to tap into our heart space.

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