Your Property Value 3 Phenomenal Ways To Increase The Value.

3 Phenomenal Ways To Make Your Property Value Soar

by Ashley Lichty

Let's face it - your home is an investment, and in order to keep that investment profitable, you need to maintain and increase the property value through the years. Your house is a stable source of cash as well as a place to shelter your family and lay your head down at night. A house is an asset, and while not an extremely liquid one, it's at least a bankable cash source available to you should a major emergency ever strike.

If an emergency situation like that arises, you'll be much better off if the property value has increased quickly from the price of purchase. Taking steps now to increase your property's value can go a long way to securing your future. Even if the need never arises to use your home for money, you'll be happy you've kept your value up should you ever decide to sell.

Increasing your curb appeal is one of the most effective ways at increasing your property value. The actual market value of a home is often affected by it's perceived value. Not to mention, it normally leads to a more speedy sale!

A good landscaping job can add up to 20% to your property value and can even wind up saving you up to 25% in heating and cooling bills. It's important not to mess up your curb appeal and do a haphazard job by not planning out your landscaping. In the end, if you're not willing to do in-depth research and really commit to following through, it's best just to hire a professional.

Other outdoor improvements to consider are re-siding or painting the house and getting the gutters cleaned and working properly. Sufficient outdoor lighting can give a property a more secure feeling, while fencing in your yard can also help raise property value since they're often in high demand. Parking areas are always crucial - make sure you keep them neat by filling in potholes and getting rid of muddy and watery areas.

Improvements to the inside of your home can also help raise your property value.For one, homes with central air conditioning are almost always preferred. Kitchens are another biggie - most buyers want spacious kitchens. Even if your kitchen is a bit small, you can give the illusion of space by using shelves and hanging racks and keeping it clear of clutter.

Most important of all when it comes to maintaining your property value is MAINTENANCE. Don't let things fall into disrepair, keep all major areas in working order, replace window screens, water fixtures, light fixtures, etc. on an as needed basis. Remember that cosmetic repairs (new paint, carpets, etc.) have a neutral affect on property value since it's all a matter of opinion.

Your property value should be like your credit score - you find out what it is regularly and take steps to constantly improve it. Make sure you research improvements before actually starting them to make sure they're worth it. You can increase the property value slowly but surely by keeping up with these tips over the years.

About the Author: Ashley Lichty and her associates are experts in property value increases and have been serving home owners across the country looking to find their home value for over 5 years. You can find out more about Ashley and her associates by going to her website.
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