26 Uses For Dawn Detergent

We come across products that we use in our everyday life not thinking that there may be many uses for the same product. Duct tape holds the world together. WD-40 loosens everything up. Alka Seltzer has 100's of things that it is good for. The list goes on and on about the magic that some products have hidden in them.

Dawn Dish detergent is another such product, here is a list of 26 things that it can be used for. Many of these tips have been passed to this site from our many friends. We want to share these with you and want you to feel free to pass along this great information.

Aphid Control On Plants

Mix two tablespoons of Dawn detergent with one gallon of water. Put it in your sprayer, spray the top and the underside of the leaves. Let it set for 20 min and rinse.

Clean Your Windows

3 drops to a gallon of water. put it in your spray bottle you now have a very effective and very cost effective window cleaner that works as well as the brand names.

Tub And Shower Cleaner

Fill a spray bottle half full with white vinegar,  warm int he microwave then fill the bottle with Dawn detergent. Spray onto your shower or tub. Let it set for a few minutes rinse it off. Removes soap buildup and dirt making your shower sparkling clean.

Greasy Hair Problem

When children get gum. candy, peanut butter and other things stuck in their hair a little Dawn rubbed on with your fingers will loosen all of the sticky things with out pulling on their hair and causing them pain.

Hair Shampoo

When your hair starts to get  a buildup of excess oils,and hair sprays Use  Dawn just like you would as a shampoo it will strip away all excess build ups and leave your hair smooth and shiny.

Manicure Miricle

Getting ready to apply a coat of nail polish? Pour a little Dawn in a small bowl and soak you fingertips in it. It will make your cuticles soft and help remove oils from your nails which will allow the polish to adhere better and last longer.

Poison Ivy

When you get poison ivy it starts to itch like crazy, when you scratch it to get some relief the oils spread and now you have more areas that itch like crazy. Dawn will dry up the oils and help with some relief from the poison ivy.

Pet Shampoo.

Great to wash your dog in, it helps clean the hair making it easy to comb and healthy looking. The added bonus... It kills fleas on contact Dawn is a better product safer to use and cost less.

Keep Houseplant Insects Away

This is so simple and yet so effective. Add a drop to a spray bottle shake up and lightly mist your houseplants. It keeps spiders  mealy mites, aphids away from your precious plants

Super Sized Bubbles For Summer Fun

Start with a tablespoon of Karo syrup add 1/2 cup of Dawn to a half gallon of water Stir gently until it is all diluted together. Take the excess foam from the top. Gently pour into a large bowl and get ready for bubbles galore. Cheap, easy and super fun.

Clean Tools

Dawn will help remove oil, grease and grime from your tools. It also helps prevent rust from destroying your costly tools. 

Keep Your Eyeglasses from Fogging

A small drop of Dawn used to clean your glasses then gently rinsed will help keep you glasses from fogging. You can see clearly now.

Ice Packs For The Cooler.

Fill a quart zippered freezer bag 1/2 full of Dawn. Put it in the freezer Once it is frozen it will stay cold longer than water alone will. Reusable over and over and if it happens to break it make cleaning the cooler much easier.

Clean The Driveway

For oil spills grab the kitty litter to soak up the overflow. Once you have as much as possible soaked up Use Dawn and a stiff broom to scrub and remove the stains. Safe ,effective, non polluting and inexpensive.

Ant and Insect Repellant

Mix 1/4 of Dawn into a spray bottle add warm water stir until completely mixed up. This is a safe way to get the bugs to get out of the house. Safe to spray on counter tops or any where you see unwanted bugs, Ants can not stand it and will vanish when you spray their trails.

Unclog Plumbing

Who would have thought that this was the new plumber. Pour a cup of Dawn into the drain or toilet, let it stand for 20 minutes. Pour a bucket of very hot water in, holding the bucket up high to increase the force of the water and the clogged plumbing no longer is a problem. Safer than the drain cleaners we buy and cost just a fraction.

Clean Oily Skin

A few drops on your washcloth with warm water will remove the excess oils from your skin leaving it soft and supple.

Clean Grease and Paint from your hands.

Add Dawn with corn oil or olive oil into your palm rub together and rub over the dirty area, this will loosen the dirt as well as acting as a lotion for you skin and helping prevent dry and cracked skin. 

Clean The Wading Pool

Great for use on the children s wadding pools. Add a little to the water and use a sponge to wipe down the sides and the bottom. Turn the pool over wipe it down rinse off and refill for more fun.

Clean The Swimming Pool

You know if it works for the kids waders it will have to work on the adult pool. Pour some in the middle of the pool the pumps will circulate it around cleaning the pool and will move the oils and dirt to the edge of the pool where it will be easy to clean.

All Purpose Cleaner

Add a few drops of Dawn into warm water put it in a spray bottle, use it on you counter tops, ceramic tile, windows, woodwork, stove tops and all of your appliances.  Use it in the bathroom for the tubs, tile floors and the toilet.

Pre-spotter for oily add a small amount to the stained area for  lipstick, salad dressing, butter some inks, food stains and you can even try it on wine and chocolate stains, let it soak a few minutes then scrub gently with a soft toothbrush, then proceed to launder it normally.

Sliding Glass Door Lubricant.

A few drops along the track will free up the sticky glides and wheels. It will last longer than the spray lubricants and keep everything clean in the process.


As strange as this sounds it works. Mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol  into 1/2 gallon of warm/hot water. Pour on your sidewalk and driveway it will melt the ice and not refreeze up again.

Clean Up Wildlife From Oil Spills

Since it does not harm the skin and is very effective in removing oil, when wild game birds have been involved in an oil spill they use Dawn to clean the birds to help them survive.

Shower Drains.

After you have showered spray the shower with your mixed spray. Pour a capfull in the drain to keep it clear fro clogs and smelling fresh.

Dirty Dishes

What everyone thinks it is made for.  When Baking or cooking anything that seems to stick to the pan fill with water add a few drops of Dawn and let it soak for 10 minutes makes cleanup much easier. 

We hope that this has brought to light the many extra uses that Dawn dish washing detergent may be used for. it is versatile, safe to use, environmentally friendly and far less expensive than other products. 

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