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In Issue 1:

1. Free help when you are making a decision in your life. Any decision.
2. We have started a new section that includes Audio Articles. Now you can listen and learn and grow.
3. Three articles you might find useful.

  • Are You Financially Insane?
  • When it comes to reading, Is your Child "Falling Though the Cracks" in our School System?
  • Here are some important considerations when picking a dog.
4. Humor is good for the body and spirit.

In Issue 2:

1. Happy New Year.
2. How can help you over the next twelve months.
3. Humor

In Issue 3:

1. An answer to a very important question you've asked yourself from time to time.
2. Software is on the way.
3. A few of the new articles on the website.

  • Why Do So Many Of Us Have Money-Management Problems?
  • Choosing and Planting Perennials.
  • High Blood Pressure -- Ways to Reduce Your Risk and Improve Your Health.
4. Humor is good for the body and spirit.

In Issue 4:

1. A Better Life - a new blog to help our visitors reach the life they desire.
2. New Software. We have created some new software in house. There will be more software to come. This first software is to help people make money online.
3. A few of the new articles on the website.

  • Cleaning Your Carpet: The Professionals vs. Doing It Yourself.
  • Stress Coping Strategies For The Elderly.
  • Tips To Get Rid Of Creepy Crawlers...Bugs and Pests

  • Humor is good for the body and spirit.


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