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From the time we enter this world until we leave, it seems that our life is dominated by money. Money seems to have been created to give us something to worry about.

No matter our position in life, whether it is a billionaire or a homeless person on the streets, we all want more money.  We are either trying to earn more to 

keep up with our spending or spend less trying to match our income. Often we spend more than we earn for various reasons and we create problems for ourselves.

How we handle our money is a very fine line between failure and success. While it is something we deal with on a daily basis, few of us have had much formal education on the matter. Most of what we have learned comes from trial and error, from friends and relatives and often times the information that we receive and use may not be the best.

We know that having large sums of money is not the key to happiness and I often say if I had more money I would have longer weekends. But yet I enjoy working six days a week gathering information to share with others.

With that in mind, we have created articles that will be informative and may guide you towards the successful side of your finances.

Consumer Information and Buying Decisions

  • Alternate Fuel Sources Using Hydrogen Fuel for Cars.
  • The Truth about Hydrogen Fuel Systems
  • All About Automatic Drip Coffee Makers
  • American Consumer Opinion Is This A Legitimate Online Survey?
  • Apartment Hunting Tips
  • The Movers Checklist
  • A Review of Basic Binoculars
  • Buying Car Seats Here Is Some Important Advice For You.
  • Buying A Riding Lawn Mower.
  • Lawn Mower Safety Tips To Help Keep You Safe..
  • Lawn Mower Accidents and Safety Measures
  • Buying A Refrigerator
  • Buying A Stove
  • Choosing a doctor.
  • Choosing The Right Coffee Maker For You
  • Coffee Is More Than A Drink It's A Lifestyle
  • Coffee Making Glossary
  • Coffee: Facts From All Around The World.
  • The Dangers of Aromatherapy.
  • Top Tips For More Economical Grocery Shopping.
  • Finding Quality Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Online
  • Legalities Of Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance...Tips On Saving Money On The Premiums
  • Learn about the new mattress fire safety standards.
  • Motivating Customer Service Employees
  • Online Fabric Stores: Fabric Shopping With Trust
  • Popular Scams The Online Survey Companies Use
  • What to consider when buying a mattress.
  • What is so great about night vision binoculars?
  • A simple way to improve your sleep. Buy a good pillow.
  • Planning your wedding budget.
  • Tattoo Designs: Your choices are unlimited.
  • Tattoo removal, because at first you wanted one and now you don't!
  • Tips to Choose Efficient Laser Tattoo Removal Practitioner.
  • What Do I Look for in a Home Paper Shredder?
  • Steam Cleaning Company...Tips On Choosing The Right One.
  • Pros and cons of living wills
  • A Basic Guide To Buying Wheelchairs.
  • Ways to save on your water bill
  • What To Look For When Choosing Silver Gemstone Pendants


  • Debt Consolidation plan free yourself from debt
  • Success With Secured Loans
  • Why Do So Many Of Us Have Money-Management Problems?
  • Do you spend your money wisely? Or are you financially insane?
  • Become debt free -10 tips from the Simple Debt Free Living Website.
  • Consolidate your credit card debt.
  • Use the snowball method to eliminate debt.
  • Free Nonprofit Debt Consolidation Resources
  • Tight Budget? Here is an idea for parents to make extra money.
  • Why You Should Use A Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • The Effects of Bankruptcy
  • Rebuilding your credit after a foreclosure.
  • Using non profit credit card debt consolidation counseling companies
  • Debt Collectors and Your Rights.

    Investment Articles

  • The Young Investor.
  • Asset Management Is Important To Everyone.
  • Lessons In Asset Management: Prepare For Your Future
  • Ideas to help you plan for retirement.
  • A simple yet effective way to invest in the stock market.
  • A tip to consider when investing in real estate.
  • Why single family homes can be a good investment.
  • The Miracle of Compound Interest
  • Simple ways to increase your savings. Part 1
  • Five more simple ways to increase your savings. Part 2
  • Don't let debt crush you. How to become an intelligent borrower - Part 1
  • Becoming an intelligent borrower - Part 2
  • Five reasons you should consider joining an investment club.
  • Book review of Donald Trump's book - How to Get rich.
  • Important - Resisting the Urge to Spend All You Earn.
  • Why Investing Your Money Is So Important.
  • Are You Considering Offshore Banking?
  • Online Banking and Online Offshore Banking...Is It Safe?
  • Day Trading...What You Need To Know.
  • A Guide To Trading Futures
  • Introduction To Forex Trading
  • Factors That Influence Forex Market Trends
  • Improving Your Chances In Stock Trading
  • Stock Trading Software: How Does It Help You?
  • The Advantages Of Mutual Funds
  • The Problem With Trading Penny Stocks
  • Employee Stock Options What You Need To Know About Them.
  • Stock Option Trading - Starting Out On The Basics
  • Tips For Online Stock Trading.
  • What are stock markets?
  • Stock Market Terminologies, Become Familar With Common Terms.
  • Stock Market Basics.
  • What are stock market indexes?
  • Investing like Warren Buffet.

    Job Search, Careers, and Employment Articles

  • A Career in Consumer Financing
  • Bagging That Dream Internship With Your Favorite Employer
  • The Benefits of An Internship Program
  • Become a paralegal
  • Considering A Career In Nursing? What You Should Know
  • Duties of a Paralegal
  • What You Need To Know About Data Entry Jobs
  • Chiropractor School, A Future In The Health Care Field.
  • Pharmacology The Study Of Drugs And Their Reactions
  • About Graphic Design Schools
  • Considerations When Starting A Home-Based Business
  • Make Money By Doing Online Surveys?
  • Looking To Work At Home? Don't Become A Victim!!
  • Popular Scams The Online Companies Use
  • Improving Your Memory To Help Your Career Skills
  • Job Interview Questions: What to Expect and How to Prepare
  • Job Resource Center
  • Job Search Websites: How Craigslist Differs
  • The Importance of Personal Career Development for Students
  • Tips To Help You Have a Successful Job Interview
  • 6 Steps To Conducting An Effective Job Search
  • 10 tips from


  • Ideas to help you plan for retirement.
  • Learn about senior citizen cruises.
  • Plan Now So You Can Enjoy Your Life After Retirement.
  • Retirement Communities 101
  • Choosing Retirement Communities
  • Retirement Communities finding the right one at an affordable price
  • Retirement the golden years

    Tax Tips

  • Interview - Congressman John Linder on the Fair Tax.
  • Key Principles of Fundamental Tax Reform H.R.25, the Fair Tax.
  • Tax tips from


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