How to Get Rich.
Learn from a billionaire. Donald Trump shoots straight from the hip to help you figure it out.

If you've ever wondered how to get rich, the famous billionaire, Donald Trump, shares in a very candid style the ideas and secrets that helped him get to where he is. Why not learn from a man worth five billion dollars? That makes sense doesn’t it? Here's a book review of Mr. Trump's book, How to Get Rich. Donald Trump doesn’t beat around the bush in anything he does including this book. He is a straight shooter who tells it like it is. He begins with a surprising suggestion, especially when you consider the title he chose for his book. He says - Don't work to become rich for the money.

What? Isn't that why everyone wants to get rich? For the money? Well, on the surface that statement certainly seems strange. But it is not, because as The Donald says, "Money is not an end in itself." Yes, many people make getting a lot of money their ultimate goal, but by doing that they are setting themselves up for a very tough road to travel.

Instead of making money the be all and end all, Mr. Trump suggests you make your goal -- working at something you love to do. That’s a key for success at anything. After all, if you love what you do, you'll get good at it naturally.

To make a lot of money you will have to work long hours. But, if you don’t love what you’re doing, there’s an excellent chance you won’t put in the time or have the energy necessary to succeed. On every page of How to get Rich, there is no doubt Donald Trump loves what he does.

So what does Donald Trump love? It’s obvious, he loves real estate development. That's precisely why he is so good at it.

So the first rule for how to get rich is to find something you love to do.

After reading the book, I'm amazed at how much energy Donald Trump has. That's just more proof he loves what he does. So many other people can't wait for the weekend to leave work. Which means they don’t love what they do and therefore they won't be rich.

If you want to be rich, factoring out plain dumb luck, you have to find something you love to do.

Ok, rule number one of how to get rich is out of the way. What else does The Donald suggest?

Donald cuts through all the fluff in this book. He gives you a lot of answers in short, but numerous chapters. If you want to be rich, you'll want to do the same, cut through the unimportant minutia in life. Get right to what’s important.

So what does Donald Trump find important? You can get a good general idea from the titles of his chapters. Here are the titles to some of the chapters of the book:

Be a general.
Remember, the buck starts here.
Stay focused.
Maintain your momentum.
Get a great assistant.
Don't equivocate.
BS will only get you so far.
Every new hire is a gamble.
Ideas are welcome, but make sure you have the right one.

There are many more titles, but from the above, you can get an idea of what some of the book is about. Donald also goes into the art of negotiation, the Donald Trump Lifestyle, and his show The Apprentice.

One of the interesting parts of the book is where Mr. Trump lets you into what a week in his life is like. We’re talking about by the half hour increments for a large part of each day. After reading that chapter, you’ll probably be shaking your head wondering how he does it. He’s an amazing man with an amazing life.

So if you're wondering how to get rich, buy this book. It's certainly a good place to start.

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