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Tips are just little tibits of informatiom that are passed on from others to help us get things accomplished a little easier.

We have collected some great tips and feel they are worth the time to read and share with others.

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Automotive Tips

Buying a new car
Buying a used car
Selling a used car
Maintenence tips

Diets and Nutrition Tips

5 Quick weight loss tips
15 Tips to cut down on sodium.
Tips to reduce High Blood Pressure...Change your diet

Grandma's Tips... Hand me down information that still works today

Alka-Seltzer: Good for more that an upset stomach.
25 Tips For Using Coffee Filters
Grandma Liked Using Baking Soda
Grandma's Homemade Lye Soap, works great, tastes terrible,
Grandmas Old Fashioned Remedies...and they still work today.
Many Uses For Vinegar
Odds And Ends a few tips for everything
Toothpaste has hundreds of uses
WD-40: Good for thousands of uses.
Vintage weather tips: How the old timers predicted weather

Home Tips

5 tips to finding contractors at bargin prices
25 tips to help you when you move
Home Buying Tips
Home Improvement Tips
Home Repair Tips
Painting Tips
Roof cleaning tips


8 Tips From The Financially Intelligent Parent Website
Tips On Day Trading.
Tips For Online Stock Trading.
A tip to consider when investing in real estate.
Simple tips to increase your savings. Part 1
Tips On Investing like Warren Buffet.

Job Search, Careers, and Employment

Job Interview Questions: What to Expect and How to Prepare
6 Steps To Conducting An Effective Job Search
10 tips from

Self Development
Be Happy For No Reason – 5 Tips to Get You Started
5 Tips To Use Influence to Motivate Others
Tips To Motivate Yourself
Success Tip: Get To Know Yourself

Check back often as we are always adding new tips.

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