Job Interview Questions
What You Might Expect and How To Be Better Prepared

Job interview questions are the difficult part of the interview. You don't know what a prospective employer will ask and you want so much to give good answers. After all, you're there because you want the job.

Some of the questions employers ask are not always easy to answer. But if you really pay attention so you hear the question correctly, you have a better job of giving a good answer. Active listening allows you to answer in a more confident manner.

Obviously, most of the job interview questions will pertain to the job you're seeking. The company wants to make sure you're the right person for the job and, in a like manner, you want to make sure the company is right for you. It is a two way street. It's important that you ask the questions that ensure the position you're interviewing for is one that meets your requirements.

This is the flip side of what the company is trying to do. Their questions are designed to make sure you are the right person for the job and are qualified for what it requires.

Some of the job interview questions are easy to answer. Some questions will be about the hours you will work, whether you have transportation, if health insurance is available, the number of hours you would be expected to work, etc.

Other questions can be more personal. You might be asked if you are married, do you have kids, what are some things you like best about yourself and so on. These questions will be fairly easy to answer and you should have good and quick answers to them.

Other interview questions can be more difficult. You'll probably be asked why you are right for this particular job? What are qualifications you bring to the company? Some companies will ask you what is something you dislike about yourself? How good do you work under pressure? And other such questions. These questions are not made to confuse you; they are designed to let the person who is interviewing you know about your personality. Be prepared with answers to the tough questions as well as the easy ones.

Why not practice doing an interview? You could ask a friend or someone in your family to help you prepare. They can ask you the difficult questions so you can practice the best answers. You want to be ready for as many questions as possible so you can make a good impression.

If you are not brand new at this, it's a good idea to take some time and think about some of the questions you have been asked in other interviews. What answers did you give? Would you make some changes? Can you think of better answers? If you made mistakes, you can learn from them. Answering these kind of questions will help you feel more relaxed and ready when you go into the interview.

The chances are good you will be asked some different job interview questions, but many of the questions you are asked will probably be quite similar. Thinking about your answers beforehand will help you be more relaxed and give you a better chance of getting the job.


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