Tips To Help You Have a Successful Job Interview

Going to a job interview is very nerve-racking for most folks! We find it very difficult to control both nerves and the bad habits we've established over time when facing a stranger, especially one we're trying to impress! With practice and time, however, it is possible to get this problem under better control. Hopefully you'll find these tips helpful on your next job interview. Leave the house with plenty of time to spare! Avoid running late at all costs because this alone will cause unnecessary stress, making it that much harder to relax and perform well on your interview. Being punctual is always a good way to get your job interview off to a good start.

The next thing you need do is just "breathe". It is important to clear your mind and take a few deep breaths before heading into the office. Once you've cleared your mind, it's much easier to keep your mind focused on the interview.

Be prepared. You can always do a few short practice runs with a friend or someone at home before the big day. This is something that will help prepare you to be ready and, thus, more confident and calm on the big day.

You need to speak clearly when you are spoken to and make sure that you think before you speak. Be professional but do not be afraid to let your own personality shine through.

Listen carefully! Be sure you're listening closely to the interviewer. Think about the question that you are being asked before blurting out an answer. Give a clear and direct answer. By listening carefully you'll avoid confusion and you won't have to ask them to repeat the question. Be confident, keep focused, and everything will be fine!

Keep a positive, professional but friendly attitude. Have a smile on your face and keep it there. Do not look afraid or self-conscious. A potential employer does not want to hear negative remarks about bad experiences with current or former employers. If you are asked about your weaknesses, be honest. Keep your answers real and do not fake it when you are being interviewed.

Make sure that you are keeping good eye contact. You want to look interested, and be sure to watch your posture. Sit up straight, placing both feet on the floor. Try to control any nervous habits that you may have. Do not crack your knuckles, fidget, tap your foot, or toss your hair. If you need to, fold your hands together and place them in your lap if this helps you keep them still.

Take your time when you are asked a question. Try to avoid words like um, like, and but. It is better to have short pauses between your answers than to utter unnecessary words in an effort to fill gaps.You want to communicate effectively, sounding very well spoken with well thought out answers.

Job interviews are a learning process. If you do poorly at one interview, you will make up for it at another. You will use these experiences as practice and they will help you prepare for the next one. If you think that you do badly at one interview, use what you did as a guide. Change the bad to make it a positive learning experience and one that you will grow from.

Good Luck!


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