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Welcome to the Everyday Wisdom Book Store. You might be wondering, why a bookstore considering all the information on our site? That's a good question.

While it's true we do have a lot of good information (and yes we are continually adding more and more information), we also realize our site in many situations cannot take the place of a good book. That being the case, we want to make it easy for you to find the right book to help you reach your goals.

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Our Book Index (alphabetized and by category):

Arts and Crafts

  • Beading-Learn how to make your own unique jewelry
  • Oil Painting-The Art Of Creating Beauty.
  • Oragami Folding Paper Into Art
  • Stained Glass Turning Glass Into Art


  • Collecting Watches-"It"s About Time".
  • Limoge- Collect The Finest In Porcelain.
  • Model Trains-"All Aboard This Train Is Leaving The Station.


  • Debt- Easy to get into hard to get out.
  • Mutual Funds-Offers Diversified Means To Invest Money.
  • Stock Market Investing...Is It Right For You?


  • Bread...The Beginning Of A Great Sandwich.
  • Coffee... Grab A Cup And A Good Book.
  • Cookbooks...Every Kitchen Should Have Several.
  • Desserts-Good Anytime Of The Day
  • Diets...How Do We Get Thin Again?
  • Italian Food-"Godere il vostro pasto"
  • Mexican Food-So Much More Than Just Taco"s


  • Japanese Gardens and Bonsai Plants
  • Landscaping...Make Your Yard Stand Out
  • Perennials-plant them once enjoy them for a lifetime.
  • Tomatoes-learn how to grow your own.


  • Alzhiemers- A Disease Faced By Millions
  • Anxiety, Fear, Depression And Worry, There Is Help For You.
  • Breast Cancer-One In Eight Will Face This Disease.
  • Cholesterol-Learn How To Keep It under Control.
  • Diabetes-Understanding This Disease.
  • High Blood Pressure-Learn As Much As You Can To Prevent This Disease.
  • Multiple Sclerosis A Potentially Debilitating Disease.
  • Pregnancy-Let Life Begin
  • Prostate Cancer-Treated Early There Is A 90% Cure Rate.
  • Speech Therapy...Yes There Is Help Available.

    Home Improvement

  • Home Remodeling-The Ongoing Project That Never Ends.
  • Solar Power-The Alternative Energy Source.

    National Parks

  • Everglade National Park-A Wetland Of International Importance,.
  • Grand Canyon- Eighth Wonder Of The Natural World.
  • Yellowstone Park- Home Of Old Faithful.
  • Yosemite National Park-Wilderness At It's Best.

    Outdoor Activities

  • Bird watching... Enjoyable For All Ages
  • Fly Fishing-Try It Once And Your Hooked.
  • Skiing-Playing In Winters Wonderland.


  • Cats... "I Did It My Way"
  • Dogs... Man's Best Friend.


  • Formula One-The ultimate Racing Machine.
  • Horse Racing-The Legends Live On.
  • NASCAR- Lets Go Racing.

    Real Estate

  • Foreclosures- Learn how to buy distressed poperties
  • Investment properties- Using real estate for investment.

    Self Development

  • Laws Of Attraction- "As We Think So We Become"
  • Motivational Books- Look On The Positive Side


  • Basketball-Nothing But Net And Some Very Good Books
  • Golf-Let's Go Play A Round


  • Youth Baseball Coach-Be A Part Of The Team.
  • Youth Soccer-Get a kick out of being the coach.


  • Caribbean Islands-Beautiful Water, Beautiful Beaches
  • Costa Rica-A Great Place To Visit Or To Live
  • England-The Land Of Kings, Queens and filled with Royal History.
  • France- The Most Visited Country In The World.
  • Greece-The Cradle Of Modern Civilization .
  • Hawaii-Paradise In The Pacific
  • Japan- The Land Of The Rising Sun.


  • Wedding Flowers- Create Your Own Arrangements and Bouquets.
  • Weddings-Plan The Perfect Wedding.
  • Wedding Reception-Time To Honor The Bride And Groom.

    How Books Can Help You Build A Better Life

    Most people go through life with their fingers crossed hoping things will just work out. Chances are... that's not going to happen. It seems that for some strange reason, life likes to present us with the same problem over and over until we prove we have learned our lesson.

    What's the best way to learn life's lessons?

    Imagine if every time you had a problem and came to a major fork in the road, you could have someone standing there who had been down both roads and could advise you on your best course. Would that be helpful?

    Of course it would. And we've all had those kinds of tough situations. Situations where we realized we didn't have a clue as to what to do next. What if there was an easy solution to your problem?

    Consider this: A person had been in your situation years before, had found the key that solved the problem (perhaps it took years of study) and wrote the solution in a book you can read in a week. Wouldn't that be great? Answer... YES. The author spent years coming up with the solution, and you spend only one week reading about it. That's called one of life's great bargains.

    Perhaps you don't have a problem, perhaps you just want to get better at something. Same solution. Read a book by an expert. In essence, "When in doubt, read the directions." Then take action. It's not only what you know. It's also what you do.

    Let's correct an old cliche - Ignorance is not bliss! Ignorance leads to poverty, illness, and the downside of life. To find life's answers, you must search. We're here to help make your searching much easier.

    Someone once said our website is a warehouse of good ideas. That's an interesting way to describe us. One day we want to be able to say "We give people not only everyday wisdom, but every way wisdom." Until that day, we will give you recommended books to go along with the information we provide on our site.

    Not only do we recommend books to help you find answers to everyday living situations, we also recommend reading novels for pleasure. This is a great way to relax and stimulate the mind in a different way!

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