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We know humor is good for the body, so we have collected and created numerous categories of humor for your entertainment. Click on the graphics or the text links to go to these pages. Visit often as we do add pages continuously! Laughter is free and good for all of us so please feel free to pass the humor on to your friends by telling them about us!

Airline humor ...Flying for fun

Animal humor... We humans make good pets for our animals.

Blonde jokes could we really live without them?

Blondes have more fun... well at least their jokes are funny

Kids are king... they rule our world and make us laugh.

Yes even God has a good sense of humor!

You will never belive what I have seen and heard!

Crazy consumer cautions...who sets down and writes this stuff. Oh well it provides us with some laughs

Funny signs ...signs that people have put up that show a sense of humor or a lack of intelligence.

Here is a collection of humor putting guys vs gals. Who wins you decide?

Guys vs Gals ...The battle of the sexes continues

Humor is good for the body, yes sometimes laughter can be the best medicine. If nothing else its the easiest to take.

More funny stuff that will do your heart good.

Humor is good for the soul, these jokes will lift your spirits

Insurance claims... Fill out the form, easy to do right? Well here are some examples that will bring a smile to your face.

Medical humor...If humor is good for the body then medical humor should be the best medicine out there.

Well if a little bit of humor is good for the body then more would be better.

Park rangers these people try to live quiet lives and the city folks keep coming up to see them and then ask questions.

Praying for more humor... free jokes with no collection plate.

Redneck humor... We think they do exist but we have never really met one. Anyway here are some funny stories "bout em"

The oldies but goodies humor about mmmm forgot so you will just have to read them for yourself.

In the south we have our own accent, our style food and yes we have our own humor.

Why? What if? So many questions out there and no one has an answer, maybe you can answer a few of these.

More unanswered questions how many more questions are out there with no answer to them?

Wait wait there are even more questions left for you to answer.

Our guarantee: If after reading all of our humor pages you haven't smiled, giggled, laughed out loud or sent at least one joke to a friend, then we promise to keep adding more funny stuff until you do.

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