What Would We Do Without It?

Everyone is familiar with WD-40 and most people have at least one can in their home. What you may not know is there are hundreds of uses for WD-40. Here we have listed some of the more common uses along with some of the more unusual ones as well.

  • Removes rubber cement

  • Removes tape marks from the wall where posters hung

  • Removes water spots from mirrors

  • Gets hair color dye stains out of towels

  • Removes gum from dryer lint screen

  • Removes streaks from Formica

  • Camouflages scratches in ceramic tile

  • Camouflages scratches in linoleum

  • Removes scuff marks from ceramic tile floor

  • Shines black rubber baseplates

  • Spray on trees to prevent beavers from chewing on them

  • Spray around flower beds gently to keep cats out

  • Spray the wire cages on tomatoe plants to keep insects away

  • Spray in cracks between sidewalk and cinderblock wall to prevent weeds from growing in them

  • Spray on stepping stone molds before pouring to ease removal from mold

  • Removes gum from bed sheets

  • Keeps snow from sticking to shovel

  • Keeps snow from sticking to satellite dishes

  • Removes artificial snow from windows after holiday season

  • Removes grease from clothing

  • Removes melted plastic from toaster oven

  • Lubricates kitchen sink handheld spray nozzle

  • Helps prevent rust on hide-a-key containers

  • Protects wrought iron from rust

  • Helps keep wooden handles on garden tools from splintering

  • Prevents rust from forming on washing machines

  • Cleans smoke stains

  • Shines leaves of artificial houseplants

  • Displaces moisture from submerged cellular phones

  • Spray sewing thread to prevent breakage

  • Removes Velcro stickers

  • Loosens up knots in gold chains

  • Keeps VCR tapes from sticking in VCR's

  • Lubricates toaster slides

  • Keeps line from binding on string trimmer spools

  • Kills ants, spiders, roaches, and wasps

  • Keeps hose ends from corroding

  • Removes ink from blue jeans

  • Removes ink stains from leather

  • Removes Marks-a-Lot ink from most items

  • Removes ink from carpet, vinyl

  • Removes marking pen from glass objects

  • Lubricates luggage zippers

  • Removes mascara from tile floors

  • Removes gum from aluminum siding, linoleum floors

  • Removes felt pen marks from floor

  • Removes coffee stains from leather

  • Removes coffee stains on floor tile

  • Frees stuck Lego blocks

  • Helps remove ketchup stains from carpet

  • Removes tomato stains from clothes

  • Removes Kool-Aid stains from carpet and fabric

  • Prevents mildew growth on fountain

  • Removes many stains from kitchen counters, i.e., grape juice, strawberry, and tea stains

  • Removes crayon from carpet, screen doors, plastic tables, walls, wallpaper, glass,clothes dryers, glass, sofas, rock walls, and most anything that gets marked on by crayons


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