Bagging That Dream Internship With Your Favorite Potential Employer

Obtaining your dream internship is not an easy task. Doing this actually takes a lot of time for planning, along with complete dedication to the whole application process. The good thing is it is by no means impossible to have your dream internship...if you really know what you want. It doesn't matter what major you are taking or how big your target company is, you can get it if you really want it!!

Know Your Target

The first step in getting that all important internship with your favorite employer is to know with whom you wish to be employed by as early in your schooling as possible. You should narrow down your list by the time October or November comes. If you will be having your internship during spring or fall, then try to adjust accordingly.

Know Why

Next, you, yourself, should know the reason why you want to work for that certain employer. State out reasons why you think they are in the top amongst their peers and the company you most wish to do an internship for. For instance, you are a journalism major who really admires the content and writing style of your hometown newspaper.

Make sure that it is clear with you the reasons why the company is so successful that you admire them to that extent. Also, try thinking on why you think you would jive and fit into the culture they have in the workplace.

Lastly, know why and how you think they can help you develop and hone your potentials. When the time comes that you already know the answers for the questions stated, then it is about time that you contact your employer. You should write a letter addressed to the correct hiring manager.

Writing A Good Letter

This is an important step in obtaining your dream internship. In your letter to the employer of your choice, you should introduce yourself and tell them that you want to have an internship with the company. Also, tell them the reason why you want to work in their company. Another point to consider is that you should tell them why you opted for their company based on what you know about them.

In your letter you should also explain how you justify yourself as being the perfect candidate to undergo their internship program. For example, if you've had an important leadership position relevant to the duties that their interns have, be sure to mention that.

However, try to make your letter as precise, prompt and straightforward. You can end your letter by thanking them for their time and consideration. It is also wise to mention your next course of action. You could inform them, for instance, of when they can expect to hear from you again to follow up on your request or to set up an appointment for an interview.

On The Interview

If your potential employer contacts you for interviewing, you have to really sell yourself. Do not forget to wear clothes that have a professional look. If possible, try doing a thorough research or study about the company and those people who will be interviewing you. You should also bring extra copies of your resume; you'll never know if more than one person will be interviewing you.

You should also prepare some questions about your soon-to-be job duties. It would be very helpful if you could find out how many other interns you'll be working with. If the interview results are not immediately deliberated upon, try to keep in touch with that person who interviewed you.

By simply following these tips, your potential employer will be impressed for certain and they will increase your chances of bagging your dream internship program of a lifetime!

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