New Guidelines Might Save Your Life and The Lives of Your Family. Learn About The New Fire Safety Standards For Mattress Sets.

The New Fire Safety Standards For Mattress Sets
Will Start In July.

In an effort to reduce injuries and deaths due to mattress fires, the Sleep Products Safety Council (SPSC) introduced the cigarette ignition standard in 1974 . Known as 16CFR1632, it was later revised in 1984 to increase the safety of bedding products. Test were conducted using lit cigarettes placed on the mattress and allowed to burn until the cigarette had totally burned. The time and area that burned had to stay within the strict guidelines set up by the Sleep Products Safety Council.

As of July 1, 2007, all mattress sets manufactured or imported into the United states must comply with the cigarette ignition standard as well as a new standard known as the Open flame Test 16(CFR part 1633). Under these standards the mattress set is actually tested using an open flame. This test requires that mattress sets that are exposed to an open flame such as cigarette lighters, candles or matches they must ignite and burn much slower creating less heat than by the standards previously used.

To pass the test the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Sleep Products Safety Council has established the following guidelines:

The highest allowable release of heat can not exceed more than 200 kilowatt's at any time during the 30 minute test and the total heat release can not exceed 15 megajoule for the first 10 minutes of the test. Test results must be documented and kept on file with each manufacturer.

What will this mean to the consumer? Hal Stratton, Chairman of the CPSC says, " It is going to save a lot of lives, prevent a lot of injuries from mattress fires, and we Are proud of that." It is estimated that it could save more than 250 lives and help prevent more than 1300 injuries per year.

The new fire safety standards are designed to gives people more time to escape from fires started by things such as lighters, matches, and candles. This new standard will not effect the comfort level, decrease the life span or effect the pricing of the mattress sets.

Children playing with matches, lighters and candles contribute to two thirds of bedroom fires. With the new standards that are in place this may prevent the mattress set from busting into flames and spreading throughout the home.

Again, the new fire safety standard will increase the amount of time that consumers will have to detect and escape from a mattress fire. Remember, however, this does not make the mattress fire proof.

Here are some simple rules to help you prevent a fire:

  • Never smoke in bed. This is a common cause of fires in bedrooms.
  • Using even a small candle in the bedroom can become hazardous.
  • Keep space heaters away from bedding and linens.
  • Avoid placing lamps where they could tip and fall onto the bed.
  • Storing an old mattress is a potential fire hazard especially if they are stored near gasoline, oily rags and other flammable materials.
  • Many retailers will remove and dispose of old mattress sets and it is well worth the additional charge.

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