Coffee Not Just a Drink But A Lifestyle.

Coffee Not Just a Drink for in the Kitchen

by Clinton Maxwell

Coffee is one of the world's most popular beverages. There are tons of different varieties and specifications that go along with drinking coffee. The difference in varieties depends not only on the bean, but also the location and how it was grown. Not every type of coffee is good for cappuccino or espresso machines and there is a very specific coffee that should be used for drinking cappuccino. Although the cappuccino machines are found mostly in kitchens and coffee shops, it is quite the trip to taste coffee around the world while on vacation. The Colombian is the most well known and common type. The La Esperanza comes from Tolima. It is grown at an elevation of about 6,000 feet which leads to the quality of the bean. It is known for its high tone and delicate aroma. It has hints of milk chocolate along with pipe tobacco and can be described also as cherry-like. The combination of flavors and aroma is quite different but makes it a desired taste. The Supremo is known for its complex taste. It is known for its sweet notes of vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate. It is needed to be drunk quickly as the aroma and flavor does fade fast.

Then there is the coffee of Hawaii. Kona coffee is handpicked and comes in both medium and dark roasts. The dark roast is known for its acidic tingle that it leaves on the tongue. The espresso roast however, is always a favorite. It is a very dark roast and is known for its crme and sweet but acidic taste.

Africa is also known for its coffee that comes from the slops of Mt. Kilimanjaro. There is the Tanzanian Peaberry, which have a very distinctive shape. This oval shaped bean is quite different than the typical flat sided beans. However it does have quite a light body with a higher level of acidity. Then there is the coffee of Ethiopia. What is known as the Yirgacheffe region is where one of the most complex coffees is born. It is known for its combination of ginger, orange peel, and lemon, but also with a hint of chocolate.

The coffee of India is another famous coffee location. Here is where the Monsoon Malabar is found. This is a coffee that comes from about three months of wet winds. The yellow beans offer not only a very pungent brew but also an after hint of apricot. There is also the Jumboors which is even more known for its sweet tones of raisin.

Moving even more east to Indonesia there is the Sumatra. It has become well known for its coffee in the Toba region. This is a light roast. But that is not all; it can be recognized by its flowery and sweet taste. However, the original coffee flower from Sumatra offers a cherry overtone to its astringent taste. There is also a dark roast in the northern regions. This roast gives the taster a spicy but tropical fruit experience with special notes of cedar and grapefruit.

When entering Vietnam it is necessary to taste the Robusta coffee from Lampung. The woody taste comes from their wash, dry, polish process. The Arabica has more of a high tone but is a cousin coffee of the Robusta. Continuing to Jamaica, one of the most special and unique coffees can be discovered. The Jamaican peaberry is a single bean. However, it is much different than the African single bean coffee. It is full bodied, with a sweet acid and offers a plethora of floral tones. It is known for its strength as a coffee. Coffee from all around the globe is a fantastic experience and most definitely everyone who has tasted the different elements that are offered has an obvious favorite and realizes that coffee not just a drink but a lifestyle.

We would like to thank Clinton Maxwell for this article on Coffee Not Just a Drink. The next time you set down to enjoy a good cup of coffee, remember coffee not just a drink but as a lifestyle enjoy it.

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