E-Cigarettes: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

A relatively recent trend has emerged that offers smokers, and those who want to quit smoking, an alternative. Smoking has become seemingly taboo, and those who do smoke, have a hard time putting the habit to rest.

E-cigarettes offer an alternative to those who want to be freed from the “cancer sticks”, but don’t know how to do it. Smoking electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping, has gained momentum in the last decade – possibly due to tightening of regulations against lighting up in public.

1. What are e-cigarettes? 

Vaping offers users a way to get their fix of nicotine without the harmful chemicals of real cigarettes. E-cigarettes are battery-operated nicotine inhalers that are equipped with a liquid-filled cartridge and an LED light that simulates the hot tip of a real cigarette. The liquid inside the e-cigarette contains propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring and other additives.

The “smoke” that emits from the e-cigarette is produced by a heating element that heats up the liquid until it dispenses a vapor. This vapor provides the e-cigarette smoker the sensation of real smoke, without the harm.

2. Are e-cigs regulated?

The Food and Drug Administration does not yet regulate vaping, but it has said that it will begin regulation as early as this year. Establishments that were forced to ban smoking in order to adhere to local regulations have sole discretion of whether or not to allow vaping in their restaurants. 

3. Are e-cigs safe? 

E-cigarettes are fairly new, so there isn’t much known about them from a health standpoint. Studies have shown, however, that they are significantly less harmful than their real cigarette counterpoint. When ejuice is purchased from a reputable company, the ejuice is free of dangerous chemicals as well as the unhealth tar that is included in traditional cigarettes. Instead of inhaling cancer-causing tobacco smoke, you’re inhaling water vapor. 

4. Is vaping bad for the environment?

With a growing awareness for the environment, e-cigarettes provide a product that is Earth-friendly. No more matchsticks thrown on the ground. No more cigarette butts getting tossed out of car windows or causing fires. Vaping requires no ash tray.

5. How much do e-cigarettes cost? 

Starter kits for electronic cigarettes typically cost anywhere from $30 to $100. If users want to replace the cartridge, it can cost upwards of about $600. Compared to the average $1,000 per year it takes to fund a pack-a-day smoker, the numbers don’t look too bad.

6. Do electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking tobacco?

For those looking to quit the real deal, vaping can prove to be a money-saving first step into the transition to a smoke-free life. The LED tip gives smokers the sensation that they are burning a cigarette, and the low levels of nicotine provides smokers with their “fix” without the tar and other toxins commonly found in real cigarettes. 

They also come without the second-hand smoke. People around those who vape can enjoy themselves without being subjected to harmful chemicals in the air. The abundance of flavors that are offered with e-cigarettes provides a much more tolerable aroma.

With no governmental regulation, vaping is taking off – filling the void that smoking bans left behind. In the future, it could be marketed as having significantly positive effects on those who choose to quit smoking. We’ll find out. But don’t be surprised if you see people in restaurants with cigarettes in their mouth. It’s very likely that they aren’t smoking cigarettes at all. They’re just vaping.


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